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A funny thing happened today.

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I was online in my video chat room, and someone entered my free text chat.  I don’t normally spend much time paying attention to text chat, but I was in between shows, so I figured:  why not?  Well, the person who I was chatting with said they were a host on the site, and they had been a host since October.  She told me her host name (which I’ll keep a secret, in case she doesn’t want me to post it!)  I looked it up.  Turns out, she is in the Hall Of Fame.  Hall Of Fame is where the top 120 hosts go every pay period.  I had to laugh.  She said that I inspired her to be a video chat host.

Wow.  A lot of people inspire leaders, greatness, organizations.

Not me.  Nope.  I’m happy to inspire porn stars.

Rock on world.  Rock on.