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Having read a couple of Jay Wiseman’s books in the past, and really enjoying most of them, I thought I’d give his Tips To Please A Man book a shot. I had read Tips To Please A Woman, and really liked it. I found it (for the most part) to be full of interesting tips and tricks and thought that Tips To Please A Man would be similar. And, hey, no matter how good at pleasing your man you are – I find that there are always more little tips or “tricks” that you hadn’t that of that will always enhance things.

Tips To Please A Man is a book with all sorts of little ideas to help your please your man that even your man may not have thought of. It includes tips that Jay Wiseman came up with himself, but it also is a bit of a collaborative effort, including tips that he had received via email. With so many creative minds on one task, I was eager to read this little book.

To be honest, Tips To Please A Man is rather similar to Tricks To Please A Woman, as in, a good bit of the beginning of the book is the exact same copy/pasted sections. To be honest, I should have expected that, but I didn’t and I found it to be a bit on the boring side. As this is a different book, you would think that there could have been a difference in opening chapters, but there really wasn’t. I think that the majority of people who read this one will not have a problem with that, but if you’ve already read one of Jay Wiseman’s other “Tricks” books then you’ll find these sections to be redundant.

Getting past the intro pages, there are several chapters:

Basic Tricks

Manual Tricks

Oral Tricks

Enhanced Tricks

Anal Tricks


Some of the tricks in the book were the exact same ones I remembered reading in Tricks To Please A Woman, I suppose a lot of tricks transcend genders though, and can be recycled. Still, this doesn’t happen a lot, but I was still surprised that it had happened at all. The tricks in the book range from simple (Like page 23, which tells you to have sex before you go out to a special event, so that you’re glowing all night), to more complex tricks that you might want to practice on a dildo or toy before trying them on your lover. One thing I wish the book had was some illustrations or pictures. Sometimes it is hard to envision a trick the way the author describes it, and both Master and me were scratching our heads trying to figure out exactly how we were going to perform the trick. Some of the tricks were so complex sounding that we gave up on trying to figure out what was to be done.

Many of the tricks presented in the book were fun for Master and me to try together. Master loves to be pampered, and he didn’t mind presenting an arm or his cock for me to “practice” some of these techniques. One trick Master really liked was from page 59, which instructs you to tap on your lover’s penis while you suck on his cock head.

There were a lot of tricks that were food related. (Use pop rocks during oral, use chocolate during oral, use champagne during oral, etc). I’m not a fan of mixing food and sex, but there were some creative ones in there for those of you who enjoy that. Some of them I hadn’t heard of.

What you get out of this book will vary by what you’re looking for. The section Master and me enjoyed the most was the one on Manual tricks. While some of them were too complicated and we gave up trying to figure them out, many of them were fun and exciting to try, and some of them are things we use frequently in our play.

At the end of the book there is a section of “Afterplay”. This section includes a lot of basic sexual information. What toys are safe? How do I sterilize toys? Can all toys be sterilized? What to do if a toy gets “lost” inside, What if you can’t get an erection that night. While a seasoned sex player may know all these things, I think it is definitely handy for someone who doesn’t have a lot of sexual experience.

Overall, the book was fun. It did contain a lot of new interesting tips, even if it did recycle some from other books. If you’re the type of person who is always looking for that extra something to excite your man, then you may want to pick up a copy of this book. I’m giving it four paws:

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Hundreds of sexual tricks and tips to please man.

This book is from my personal collection, and no compensation whatsoever was received in exchange for this review.