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Those Crazy Pool People ^^

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Yesterday Master and me decided to go to the pool after dinner.  I hurt my knee somehow doing an aerobics tape I always do, and Master pulled a groin muscle last Saturday while swimming, so neither of us have been exercizing on our injuries.  We have just been going to the pool to relax in the hot tub.

Anyway, one of our pool buddies, we’ll call him “N” threw a tennis ball at me.  At first, it looked so small, I wasn’t sure what he was throwing at me.  It landed next to me in the pool, and he looked at me and said “That’s what the cats play with.”

I giggled.

We were so excited about this tiny tennis ball that squeaked, that we couldn’t resist heading over to the big pool to throw it around a bit.  Usually, I don’t play catch with the guys in the pool because they throw a big honking football around.  It always causes splashes, and chlorine + contact lenses = owe.  I think we spent a good amount of time just throwing that ball around before N came back to say:

“I KNEW you’d like that ball.”

Master and me both laughed.  I think the pool folk are really starting to “get” me.  ^^