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Sick of hearing about my foot, huh? That’s OK. So are Master and me. It’d be pretty sweet if I could just live like a normal human being for ten minutes, please. It could always be worse though. I know that, and I remind myself of that often.

A few weeks ago, I posted about going to Urgent Care for re-injuring my foot. Well, after a month of waiting around, my foot is no better. Why not? Well, Master and me went to the doctor to find out. The doc says, it’s pretty clear that I am subluxing my toe (the one I initially broke) every now and then. More specifically, every time I step and feel sharp pain down there, and possibly more often (but am blocking out the pain). So basically, I have two options right now. Plan A is the conservative approach. I can return to my normal activities, etc, but I have to be careful. I have to tape my foot when going barefoot (which is a pain, because I react poorly to tape, but I will do my best), and we’re going to buy a special insert for my shoe, which the doc mentioned was made of metal? Apparently, it’ll make me walk funny, but, unlike an orthotic, it’s not designed to enhance my walking – it is designed to prevent my big toe from doing its normal rolling motion.

If that doesn’t help, eventually, I may need to have a partial foot reconstruction. The doc says that could either work out perfectly for me – in that it usually works great.. But he’s concerned that because I have Hypermobility Syndrome I may not develop enough quality scar tissue to get my foot back to where it was. It’s not a perfect plan, but we’re going with it. Vegas should be interesting.

I guess that, overall, I’m really very depressed over this whole foot saga. I mean, I broke it, yeah – but it was this tiny little chip! And now, I’m looking at the possibility of never really walking like a normal human being. :/ But, I mean, I guess the point is – I can walk, even if I’ll have a limp. It’s just stupid. I wish it was easier for me to heal. I’m trying not to mope too much. I’ve really sort of hit the end of the line with my foot care. We’ll try this shoe insert, and if that doesn’t work it’s surgery. And if surgery does not work, then I am stuck with a mangled paw. :/ Just.. Lame.

Meanwhile, Master and me were talking. At first, due to all the shenanigans this place has lead us to – we were planning on moving at the end of our lease. Now.. We’re not so sure. Master points out that this is the second place we’ve moved to in Colorado, and we honestly haven’t liked the service we got in either (though the actual apartments themselves were overall good. There are little things we didn’t like about the layouts in either). He points out that, yeah, we could move again – but that doesn’t guarantee that we’ll get better service. (Grass is greener syndrome). He also points out that staying here would mean we could buy a house sooner. Honestly, we both want to buy a house pretty badly, and if staying here a little longer means we can do that sooner – then we’re both of the opinion that we need to just stay here. We’ll see what happens at the end of the year (because if rent increases a lot, or something like that, we won’t stay), but as it looks right now, we’ve decided to put the move on hold.

When we first moved in, we were only here for a short time before I got hurt and we couldn’t finish unpacking. Then, (if you follow my blog, you’ll notice) I took forever and ever to heal, and again the unpacking didn’t get done. While I was laid up with my foot things just piled up around the apartment, and then shortly after we decided we were moving, so “fuck it” why bother unpacking? Well, since we’ve decided we’re most likely staying, we’ve been going through and reorganizing everything! This has been very good, I think. Master has been doing the things I can’t (like, lifting super heavy things, etc), and I’ve been doing my best with the little jobs. The apartment is really starting to come together, and we’re both liking how it is turning out. Is it going to be a quick process? No, but de-cluttering, reorganizing, and getting things looking more like a home than a pile of rubble is making us both feel more optimistic, I think.