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Hot Fudge, The End Of The World, and the Wii U

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I don’t go out for ice cream very often.  The types of ice creams I tend to buy border on health food (but they aren’t).  Master jokes about them.  “They’re made with grass and twigs!”  Ha ha.  Not quite.  And even vegan food can be loaded with sugar, which isn’t the best thing in the world for you.  We don’t even buy ice cream that often really, because my sweet tooth is pretty damned small really.  (But, don’t even get me started on my “salt tooth”.  Ha ha.)  Anyway.  Once a year, for my birthday, Master takes me out for an ice cream in a “real” ice cream store.  It’s always pretty simple.  All I ever want is a single scoop of ice cream with a dollop of hot fudge.

Hot.  Fucking.  Fudge.

This has never been an issue.  I mean, how hard is that?  It isn’t even as though I want whipped cream and a cherry!  I just want a simple dollop of hot fudge and a scoop of ice cream.  I’m not even picky on flavor.  Master brought me to his favorite spot (to remain nameless), and they told us up front they stopped carrying hot fudge.  They only had cold fudge, now.  I was sort of stunned.  I mean, what kind of ice cream store carries cold fudge?  And, how often do you ask an ice cream shop to give you cold fudge?  Blergh!  Master got me a vanilla ice cream with M+Ms mixed in, but it was obviously not what I wanted, though I ate it.

The next night, Master promised to get me hot fudge.  He was determined:

“Your birthday is only once per year!  You deserve this!”

I tried to tell him it was really, really okay.  I didn’t need hot fudge.  It was fine.  I would move on.  But nope.  Master tried again.  This time he brought me to another place (to remain nameless).  Again, no hot fudge.

“You give up too easily!”  Master tells me.  “One last try!”

And, a few days later we went to our last ice cream stop, which wound up telling us they had hot fudge, but the hard lumps they put on my ice cream were so gross that they actually hurt me to chew them.  We actually threw the ice cream out it was so disgusting, and I said that really, honestly, I didn’t need another ice cream try even if it was a month from then, and that it was okay.  Then, we got into the car and started to drive away.

::Insert dramatic sigh here::

“What’s wrong Kitty?”

“I don’t want to live in a world where there is no such thing as hot fudge, anymore.  I don’t understand what this world is coming to that it is this hard to find a simple scoop of ice cream with a little hot fudge in this day and age.  I don’t understand these youngsters who like cold fudge, and I don’t care if that makes me sound old.”

I was joking.  I was being silly, and my tone even told Master I didn’t really mean what I was saying.  Of course I wasn’t going to kill myself over fudge, but yes – it is true that I don’t understand the “youngsters” of today, apparently.

And that’s when Master told me that he had a very “bad” idea that he had been working on for a while, and that we were going to go do it.  What plan is that you ask:


wii u 3


The Wii U.




I know, I know.  I didn’t actually want one when they came out.  I mean, it looked like a fine system, and I wasn’t anti Wii U.  It’s just that, I couldn’t really see the point.  After all, the Wii U is Nintendo’s way of stepping things up for the “hardcore gamer” while also maintaining family type games that the Wii and other Nintendo consoles were known for.  I had my Wii for my Mario games, and Animal Crossing, but I couldn’t see the point of the Wii U because Master and me can already play “hardcore” games on our original Xbox or Xbox 360.




But, see, I love Nintendo.  I love Mario games a lot, and eventually, I came over to the “Wii U” side.  I confided in Master that I was really wanting some of the new Mario games, and a few other games they were coming out with for the Wii U, but that it wasn’t this big urgent need or anything, and I wanted to know if he would be okay with me saving up my allowance for one.  (I am given an allowance, but I run everything by him before I save up for the item or purchase it).  Master said that would be fine, and it wasn’t something that I was immediately working on.  (I’m saving up for some killer shoes for my brother’s wedding first).




So there we were, Friday night and on our way to buy this brand new console.  (That will make four big consoles we have now, and a couple of handheld devices too).  Fuck.  I was so excited it was just ridiculous.  We got the thing, got it home, and it took forever to get it set up.  It took so long, that I was half asleep and played literally one level of Mario before Master had to tuck me in.  Stupid updates!  Grr!

I got to play a bit more the next day though, which was lovely, and I do like the console, though it does have a couple drawbacks.  This isn’t a review though.  This is the story of the Wii U, which Master told me he wanted me to post about.  =^^=




Thank you, Master, for thinking of your kitty ahead of time, and for making a plan for me to get yet another gaming console!  =^^=


I asked Master:

“Was this a good idea?  I mean, I would have waited and saved my allowances up.”

“You needed this Kitty.  You were losing your faith in humanity!”

I giggled.  Okay, maybe I was losing my faith in humanity, a little bit.  But, video games beat out hot fudge any day.  Who needs sweets when you have sweet video games?




And see this?  This right here is a picture Master took of me playfully hissing at Serenade.  No, no, kitty, kitty.  This is my console, not yours.