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Pancakes and Coloring Pages

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The other day, it was free pancake day, and Master decided we were off to Ihop! =^^= When we got there, we waited to be seated and once we were shown to our table, the hostess asked me if I wanted a kid’s menu. Normally I wear my kitty ears, but when it is cold outside, I opt to wear a kitty hat, and Master and me both think the hat makes me look younger than normal. I was just about to tell the woman that I didn’t want one, when Master cut across me and told the lady “Yes”. She brought me a coloring page and said “See, now you have something to do!”

I smiled. It has been so long since I had been given a coloring page that I forgot they are coloring pages complete with crayons! I had (falsely) assumed it would be just a regular menu but with kid’s food on it. The problem is, half of the time when we ask for a kid’s menu (in the past) the wait staff would be happy to give me one, and the other half of the time they get really grumpy. I think we both just gave up on asking in wake of a rash of Grumpy Gus-es. When the waitress got to us, she was all “You have a coloring page?!” Ha ha. Screw you lady, the other lady gived me dis. <3

My inner little was in heaven. Also, pancakes.