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Bedroom Olympics

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In high school, I used to take gymnastics.  It is absolutely the only sport there is for me.  I’m not a hockey player, a swimmer, a basketball girl.  I like to tumble and leap and twirl!  My favorite events were vault and beam.  At our house, it really isn’t unlikely to find me with one sock on (so that I can twirl on the kitchen floor, which isn’t all that slippery) or to find me leaping through the kitchen to get a glass of water.  Silly?  Hell yes.  But, it is fun and I love it so who cares.

Last year I bought a mini trampoline, and unfortunately it has spent a whole lot of time in the closet, because there’s just nowhere to put it in the rest of the house.  Or, there wasn’t.  Until recently.  See, the bedroom has been vacated of toys within the last month, so space has opened up in there.  I’m not entirely sure how it started, but we set the trampoline in front of the bed, to be used as a springboard, and I’ve been doing leaps and jumps over it into bed each night.

With A Tigersquash Cape!

We’re not worried about the mattress.  Neither of us like it, I wake up with back pain from sleeping in it each day, and since Master has lost a ton of weight he doesn’t like it either.  We’re looking forward to a new mattress in the next couple of months.  In the meantime, Master pretends to be a sports announcer, and I do my run-jump-landing on the bed each night.  It takes a bit of my sillies away and settles me in better, somehow.

Coming In For The Landing!

So, how do you get a kitty girl to go to bed?  Just be as silly as she is, and remember to always have fun.