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Long Weekend

One Long Weekend Leads To Another

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river hog

This past weekend went really well!  We are having company next weekend, so one of the things we wanted to make sure we did was to move some of the boxes that were kicking around and stack them up in another room so they would be out of the way.  It is nice having the house look a bit less – disheveled.  To be honest, we’re getting to the point where there’s not much we can really pack until we get to October, which is a nice feeling.  It is really a big relief and neither of us are (so far) feeling stressed about the move.  I can’t believe we are moving next month!  It’s crazy.  With the boxes out of the way we were able to vacuum and tidy up a few things here and there.  I’m sure that the house will still be a bit on the messy side (just small piles of things like tissue paper or soft things that can be packed with the fragile things) here or there, but it is looking good right now.

We spent a lot of time going this way and that as we realized “Crap! We only have two chairs for the card table!”  Or: “Let’s make sure we have the things they like to drink!”  Or even “Crap!  Today is the last day for a lot of the shows at the Zoo!”  Ha ha ha, yeah, that last one had nothing to do with next weekend, but on Monday when Master realized a lot of the shows at the Zoo were closing, he was excited to go.  I was honestly – completely exhausted.  It had been a long (but nice!) weekend, and I was excited that we were going to be able to relax and not do anything on Monday.  I was worn out and my POTS was acting up a bit too.  I hadn’t even finished eating breakfast when Master decided that he wanted to go to the Zoo.

“Are you going to be OK, Kitty?  You look awful.”

Of course I didn’t want to let him down.  He was so excited, and I do love the Zoo, so I slowly (but Master praised me, saying he knows how difficult it was to get going that day) got ready.  I think it took me twenty minutes.  I know, most people don’t see that as taking a long time, but you know all I generally need to do is to get dressed and get going.  I don’t have a purse and it’s not like I have to apply make up or do my hair.  Still, we left the house, and Master picked me up a chai tea, because he thought it would perk me up.

Honestly, the day at the Zoo was a lot better than I was imagining it to be.  We got a wheel chair (there’s no way I can walk long distances right now, let alone in the heat) and Master told me he was just happy we could go, and he didn’t care at all that I was in a wheel chair.  In fact, he even told me that he was glad I was in the wheel chair, so he could get a workout in!  Ha ha.  He is perpetually optimistic.  One thing that has been hard to deal with since this recent POTS flare is the fact that we keep needing to ask ourselves if there are going to be wheel chairs available where we go.  It’s starting to really be a downer, because in some cases – no wheel chair or scooter means we can’t go.  We both know that this will get better with time, but it’s also a matter of flare-ups happening throughout my life, even when I take extra good care of myself, so we are starting to think that we will need to buy a portable wheel chair to keep in the back of the car.  It is really depressing to think about, honestly.  I really hate the idea, but I also do not want to be the reason why we can’t go out and have fun.

Still, wheel chair aside, we got to see a lot of cool things!  I got to see the river hogs being fed.  (They might be my new favorite pig!  Such cute ears!)  We also got to see a bird show, and we saw two nature talks where they let you see animals up close!  You could even touch a boa constrictor.  It was a really nice day.  We were going to the Zoo at least once per week for a while, but that stopped about five weeks ago, when I got sick, and I’m only just now starting to do things, even by wheel chair.  To be honest – just being able to do the things Master and me love again makes me happy – regardless of if I need a wheel chair on some days.  Some days are just like that.  I don’t like it, but I am slowly accepting it.

I have been able to do some strength training at night too, which has been really great!  We started this summer off going to swim lessons and taking yoga classes.  Both of those were halted before we planned, but we can always try again next year, and in the meantime I’m working on building up strength.  Luckily, I am 100% back to life as normal when it comes to living at home.  The hard part is getting out.

Last weekend was really awesome, and this Thursday we’re having company, as I mentioned.  I am really excited and looking forward to it, and so is Master!  Plus, three day work week!  As my Dad used to say:

“Does it get any better than this?”

Ha ha.  I mean, yes, there are things I would love to change about my life (all health related), but I cannot change them.  All the wishing in the world isn’t going to change them, so I’m just trying to accept things, and do my very best each day.  I think that is really all you can do.

Besides, I got a load of cum on my tits last night.  This life?  It’s pretty damned good.  <3