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Today we went to the doctor’s office for Master, to discuss his high glucose.  The Dr. says that he is .2 over the diabetic line, which makes him a diabetic now.  Master and me were both really, really upset about this, it was really just so disheartening to hear, especially since all together Master has lost 138 pounds since I met him.  He is trying so hard.  He has stopped a lot of things which were really bad for him, like regular soda.  He drinks only three cans of diet soda per day now, and when I met him he was drinking an entire two liter of regular (full sugar) soda per day.   When I met him he couldn’t bear to do any kind of cardiovascular exercise, and now he is so active I can barely keep up with him some days.  I’m so proud of him!

I asked the Dr. why he is diabetic now after he has lost so much weight and gotten so active.  She said that really, when he was at his highest weight (322 pounds) his pancreas was really stressed, and the fact that he has lost so much weight is wonderful, but it is likely that his pancreas is still recovering and is still under too much stress.  She wants him to lose another ten pounds and we have plans to go back and see her again in three months.

To me, this is so scary.  That one person can do so much to change their life, and still get a disease that is so life-changing is so upsetting.  I always thought Master was invincible, but I guess not.  He is not letting this get him down though, he is going to continue working on weight loss just like he was before we went to the doctor’s office today.  He is so active, and we just can’t believe this is happening now.

We talked to the doctor, and she didn’t give us a lot of hope.  She said that once most people get on diabetes medication they give up and don’t care about their health anymore.  She also said that in her whole practice she has only seen one person get off of their medication.  I think Master is going to be #2.  He is such a strong man, and I don’t think I could get him to stop swimming, walking, lifting weights even if I wanted to.  (Which of course, I do not).  She said she’d love for us to prove her wrong, and have Master not need medicine anymore, but she wasn’t counting on it.  >.<  Kind of rude.

Anyway, the good news is he doesn’t need much, just one pill in the mornings, and no insulin.  She did mention that we caught this HELLA early, so if we work at it it is totally medically possible to reverse it.  She just doesn’t think he will bother.

Right now, we’re relaxing indoors waiting until after peek sun times to go outside and swim.  (I’m too delicate to be out in the sun before 3PM.  Even with sun block I burn a lot worse the earlier I go out.)  We’re going to swim though, and not just because Master has diabetes now.  We’re going to swim because it is what we love to do, and we’ve been doing it all week anyway.  It’s 83 degrees in here.  Hot as blazes.