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Master, At His Largest, 322

A few of Master’s old friends have asked to see before and after pictures of Master, and his tremendous weight loss.  For those of you who don’t know, Master weighed 322 at his highest, and right now he weighs 162.  At this healthy weight, he is still trying to lose, but he plans to go into maintenance mode when he finally beats his pre-diabetes.  Hopefully soon.  Above is a picture at his largest.  Below, you’ll see a picture of Master at his current weight of about 160 pounds.

Master, 160

If you do the math, that means that Master has lost a grand total of 162 pounds.  You could make another person with the pounds he’s lost.  That is amazing.  Which way do I prefer him?  Both ways.  I think he is tremendously sexy both ways.  I love bigger guys, but the fact that Master is healthier now makes me happy.  I want him to live forever, or at least – longer than me.  I’m not good at mourning.

Master used to tell me that he thought he was built for comfort, not speed.  I hadn’t heard him say that in a while, so I asked him if he thought he was still more comfort than speed.  He laughed and said no.  He has a lot more energy, he is more active, and I love him to pieces for caring enough about his health to make the effort.

As an aside, many people ask him how he lost the weight.  Just so you guys know, there were no tricks here.  He worked out (a LOT!), cut out a lot of the junk he was eating (for example, eating an apple instead of tons of cheese, which was his favorite snack), and changed the quality of the food he was eating when he went out.  He loves to eat out and since that isn’t going to change, he just changed the food he ordered.  Instead of getting a large fry, he’d get a small one, and share.  He’d get a side salad, things like that.  For Master, it was mainly about portion sizes when eating out.  No magic beans, no super diet fads, just moderate eating and moderate activity.  For reals.

Congrats, Master!  You’re an inspiration to many people, myself included.

I love you.