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Menstruation. On the Rag. Aunt Flo. Yeah, We’re Going There.

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Welcome to the “ickiest” post I’ve yet to make.  Feel free to duck out now if you don’t want to read about that monthly cycle we all know and love.  Giving you three seconds to get out before you have no excuse to complain.










Alright!  Everyone who is squeemed out by the idea of menses should be gone now, and we can get right to it.  This morning, I woke up with my period.  Yet again, I realized this is something I’m not supposed to talk about.  It’s supposed to be all “hush hush” and secret.  Keep it to yourself!  Nope.  I’m not going to.  Today I wanna talk about menstruation.

The first thing that is really annoying to me about my period, is that mine isn’t regular.  Due to the fact that I have PCOS, my periods are all over the place.  I never know if they will last three days or one week.  They are never on “time”.  For example, I am getting my period this month about five days sooner than I got it last month.  Sometimes I’ll go six weeks with no period, sometimes two weeks.  Having no clue when it will disrupt my life is a pain in the ass for sure.

For me, my schedule changes greatly the second I get my period.  I do not (in general) work in adult chatrooms until my period is gone.  I can, and have in the past, if something comes up and we need extra money or something.  But working with a tampon in (or many of the other un-fun ways to work in an adult chat room and not show that you’re on your period since decency laws do not permit it) is just not really comfortable or fun, so I don’t.  There are two non-adult web sites I work in for maybe two or three hours a day, and that’s that.  Truth be told non-adult chat sites are a heck of a lot less busy, thus they don’t pay much.

Outside of work, there is usually at least one day that I just plain stay in bed curled up in a ball.  I usually don’t even want to watch TV or anything because I’m in too much pain.  Master is NOT a fan of period sex.  We still have it, yes, but it tends to be shower or bath tub sex so as to be easy to clean up.  If I’m just starting or just ending and therefore only spotting, we’re usually just put a towel down.

Master also gives me a special assignment during my periods.  That is, I’m supposed to masturbate to orgasm as many times as I possibly can during my period, especially when he is not home.  This serves two purposes:  1- Orgasms make your period go a LITTLE bit faster, thus ending your period a bit sooner than usual, and 2- Orgasms helps reduce menstrual cramps.

What I am wondering is, those of you out there who are female, or who are in a relationship with a female, how does menstruation change things for you?  Do you have any special menstruation rules?  Inquiring minds. ;)