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On Our Porch With Cap'ain Bearbosa, Apple Pig, and of course, the Xbox 360

This past weekend was so hot, it was just unbelievable. Master and me made the most of it and had a lot of fun doing it too. We are so silly that sometimes it kills me. Love it.

We started off by making a blanket fort, which I’ll post a pic of in a little bit.  We used zip ties and an old shitty blanket we bought to move our TV with back before we moved.  I ate lunch underneath it which let me check off one of my goals from my Day Zero project list.  Yay!

Eating under a blanket fort! :)

We spent most of Sunday like this, with me and Apple Pig playing Fallout: New Vegas.  After a little bit we wound up hanging a sheet up from the balcony so that there wouldn’t be any glare on the TV.  We also made a mental note to buy some blinds for the porch soon.

Apple Pig and Me. ^^

Sunday was just one of those days where you didn’t want to do anything.  It was so hot it felt like work just to get up and get yourself some water or use the toilet.  We try not to use the A/C too much either.  I put it on when I am working, but outside of that I turn it off straight away when I’m done.  (Hey, dancing in 80+ degree weather is no fun, and I just wilt and get sick too quickly).  Truth is, Master likes to smoke on the porch a lot, and all the in and out is just wasteful with the A/C.  Not only that, but nine times out of ten just opening all the windows and putting all the fans on helps enough that we really don’t need the A/C.  Trouble is, by the time we figure out we needed it, it’s usually too late.  And yes, I’ll admit it again if you want:  I am a filthy hippy and since air conditioning is bad for the environment I avoid it a lot.

Samantha Enjoying The Breeze On The Porch

We even went out and bought some chicken wire to put up on the porch.  Now, we don’t have to worry about Samantha stumbling off the porch by accident.  Ever since we noticed she was getting a bit ill, we noticed her back legs were wobbly.  She likes to stick her head between the bars of the porch, and with the chicken wire up we feel a lot safer about her going out there.  Now, we don’t have to keep quite as close an eye on her, and she can enjoy the breeze (and her Mum and Dad too!).  Yay!

Poor Master, I haven’t been able to suck his cock in almost a week because of the cap I had put on my tooth.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with it.  However, every time we are playing and Master starts putting his dick in my mouth he pulls back and says “Whoops!  Not until your tooth heals!”  In his defense it is still oozing and weeping blood and other “fun” things, so it would probably be a bad idea to introduce semen to the wound.  I know he is right, but still.  I like cock.  Kitty want to suck cock!  Lol.  Soon, I know.  Soon.  In fact, this afternoon I have a dental visit.  It’s not for my crown, just my six month cleaning, but I’m sure the dentist can look and tell me how the healing process is coming along.  I hope it’s supposed to look like this.  It doesn’t hurt much anymore, (unless you press down on my cheek, which has happened by accident a couple of times) but it is still a bit swollen.  Not enough that it’s a major issue if we go out in public or anything, but I still feel like there’s a marble in my mouth or something.  Ugh.

We gave Samantha her first at-home IV the other day.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  When we’re at the vet, she gets almost too scared to move, and she just lays there and only squirms a bit.  At home she’s on her own turf, so she started squirming the minute we got the needle in her, and throughout the entire process.  We didn’t give her quite the recommended amount of fluid, but we got most of it in there, so we decided to let it go until next time.  I was having a really hard time holding her down.  Master is going to try holding her down next time while I do the needle part.  We’ll get this process down, we just need some more practise.  Tonight she’s due for more fluid, so we’ll see how that goes.

My Mom’s surgery is scheduled for this coming Thursday to remove the tumors in her breast.  They’re also taking some lymph nodes.  The surgery is scheduled to last for five to six hours, and my brother is going to call me with news of how it went.  I hope he can put aside his smugness for just ten damned minutes and not make this process any harder than it has to be.  Mom is being very weird and talking like this is the end.  She says she’s going to have her hair and nails done “in case” and she had her Will finalized.  I know that having her Will finalized is the responsible thing to do, but really – it just rattled me to hear it.  Please, please, please, anyone out there who is reading this – send some positive thoughts for us that my Mom will make through the surgery fine.  I think I’m going to be on pins and needles all Thursday until I get a call telling me how she is.