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Tea Bagging!

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Tea Bagging Master, Because That's What Good Kitty Girls Are For!

Master and me take a tubbie nearly every night together.  Sometimes we just sit and relax.  Sometimes we chat about random things.  Sometimes we talk about our fantasies and desires.  Sometimes we practise me drinking his piss.  Tonight?  Tonight we practised tea bagging.

I think I first heard about tea bagging in passing, when Master was chatting with one of his buddies.  I remember trying to do it at the time, and being completely unable to.  I’m a determined little weasel though, and just because I can’t do something once does not mean that I won’t try very hard to do it again later.  After all, things like this give us humble slaves something to work towards.  You can’t be good at everything immediately, now can you?

We were in the tub, and I started with one of his balls.  I did this with no qualms.  To give you some idea of my jaw size, my favorite ball gag is 2″ in width, and it is a little bit loose now.  I have a mighty little jaw.  The second ball I could just not quite get in.  I think I got about halfway there, but I needed a bit of help from Master.  He pushed it in, and looked down at me with excited eyes! 

“Good kitty!”  he told me.

I grinned back up at him, and now that I had his balls in my mouth, I gently sucked on them and began to flick my tongue delicately along their length.  He jumped back up really fast and yelped:

“Shit!  I didn’t think you’d be able to move your tongue!  Good kitty!  That was amazing.”

I asked him why he jumped backwards, and he said I surprised him.  We tried it again, this time with more warning.  I have to admit, this was so fun!  I love the look on his face when I get them all the way down.  It is definitely difficult to do, but it makes him so happy.  And making him happy makes me so happy.  *Cheeky stupid happy grin.*

Since we were in the bathtub, we didn’t actually have a camera handy – so we decided to take pictures in the front room after toweling off.  It was hard, because the sensation is so new to Master that he can’t keep his balls in my mouth for too long yet.  They are so sensitive to my tongue and mouth in general.  He would laugh and jump away and we’d both giggle and try again.  Still, it is nice to mark such a momentus (for us) occasion.  My jaw is sore right now, and it will most assuredly be stiff in the morning.  It was so worth it though.  I can’t wait until he lets me practise again!

Tea Bagging Master! <3