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His Name is “Rexie!”

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With Rexie!

Serenade gets a monthly manicure you see, to get Soft Paws put on her nails (or else she scratches the Hell out of everything).  We were sitting in the pet hospital while we waited for our baby to be all done, and Master told me if I wanted I could go pick out a kitty toy.

“So, a pet igloo then?”  I joked.

Master laughed.

“How about a gang of hermit crabs?”

He gave me the look that said “Come on, now.”

“Okay then, a normal toy it is.”

I was just about to go pick out a toy when they told us Serenade was done, so we paid for her nails and then he came with me and watched me choose a toy.  I was immediately drawn to a little T-Rex with squeaker inside.  Master told me that it was a good choice and we took it to the register.

At home, Master let me play with the toy a little, and he took a few pictures too.

“What are you going to name him?”  Master asked me.

“STEGGIE!”  I joked.

“He’s a T-Rex!”  Master corrected me.

“I know, I was just being silly.  His name is REXIE!”  I mewed.  (I’m awful at coming up at names on the spot.)

All but one of my toys (this one, here) has been safe from the tortoise-shelled menace (read: Serenade).  The birdo is upstairs safe and sound in the side table by my side of the bed.  I can’t sleep up there yet though, so for now he’s downstairs under my pillow.  Master thinks it is cute I am hiding him there, from Serenade.

Thank you for Rexie, Master!  =^^=

playing with rexie