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I’ll Let You Talk To Your Husband

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The other day I was due to go to PT, when I got a phone call from the nice receptionist to inform us we had a balance.

Er, what?

Turns out, through some bullshit insurance loophole, our insurance doesn’t like to pay for TMJ stuff. (There is still some debate in the insurance world as to whether TMJ problems are medical or dental, even though most dentists don’t know shit about it.)

ANYWAY! That sucks, but we only went for three visits so far, so it also wasn’t the end of the world. It would have been much, much worse had I been going in twice a week, etc. The woman on the phone did something that almost no one does. Instead of asking me for a credit card up front, or asking me what I wanted to do, she told me:

“Well, I’ll let you talk to your husband, and once he decides what to do, he or you can let me know.”


It’s funny to me, because I agreed, and hung up the phone – but – no one ever treats me like that. (Much though I wish they would). Most people expect me to give them a credit card over the phone (which we don’t do, anyway), or to tell them the plan. I can’t be sure that this woman understood Master and my dynamic, but she did seem pretty good (in person) at picking up on social cues like that. (I mean, I never carry money, Master always pays, etc). It’s just nice when someone sees something, and maybe they don’t understand it fully – but they still treat you with respect. That’s all I want. Respect. If I tell you I need to talk to my husband first, then you should respect that, and not go on and on about how I need to make my own decisions. I wouldn’t mind if this happened to me a bit more often, but I won’t hold my breath. =^^=