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Kitty Bed Remodeled

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I’ve always had a kitty bed.  It has been a constant from day one of me and Master’s relationship.  I mean, in the beginning it was just a small pile of two or three blankets.  It eventually became a huge pile of 15-20 blankets.  Depending on the apartment, the bed has varied in size and shape.  Sometimes it has a table next to it, sometimes not.

In this particular apartment though, I have not had a “permanent” kitty bed as part of the furniture set up.  I have honestly just been too sickly to get up and down off the floor easily (which I honestly was ashamed of, and not in a good way).  Yes my wrists are still awful, but I have learned to adapt.  They have gotten a bit better with time too.

Over the weekend, Master was doing a bit of reorganizing.  There was a giant foam eggshell mattress cover in his closet that we were saving from another bed we had but don’t now.  Seemed like a shame to waste it and we didn’t have a real use for it at the time.  Master got a brilliant idea to turn it into a kitty bed!  He planned to cut it up into four big chunks and then eventually (can’t do it right now) sew a nice cover for it.  So, that’s (mostly) what he did.  He cut it into four giant chunks, and then he put a fleece blanket on top, and one or too more blankets (to cover myself as I get cold easily) on top of it.

Master even made it sort of stealthily “homey.”  For example, he put Colosso Pig on the side as a place to rest my game controller.  The Flip Ramp is there to hold my gaming guides (how else will I remember the recipes for Harvest Moon??), and of course, the couch is behind it so Master can sit there and be close to me when he doesn’t want to be in his chair.

Very happy to have my kitty bed back.