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Monitoring Phase

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I had an appointment with my original nephrologist, hereafter known as “Kidney Specialist A” purely because I saw him first.  I really like him, I feel like he’s doing a good job watching my blood work and trying to keep my blood levels in check as well as taking everything into consideration.  He does things I think my GP should be doing, really, though she doesn’t.  My GP is kind of a “lame duck” and only does things with specialist permission for the most part.  I can see why, but it kind of makes it pointless to even go and see her because why bother if the specialist is going to authorize X,Y,Z anyway?  She’s more of a coordinator, really.

The second specialist I saw the other day doesn’t really seem to be doing any monitoring or anything.  She is getting me a referral, or trying.  She’s contacting all my docs and things so I know she’s working hard on that referral but as I said before it’s not an overnight process and in the meantime, I don’t really think she has plans to monitor my kidneys.  That’s okay, I have Kidney Specialist A doing that.

My A guy says that overall things are okay.  My kidneys are fine, but there is one value that has almost doubled (in a bad way) since our last visit and it’s “lowering his threshold for wanting to do a kidney biopsy.”

I mean, woah.  You didn’t tell me that was even on the table before, so it kind of threw me off.  He did say that we’re not there yet.  He did also say it wasn’t really a huge deal.  I know it’s not surgery or anything, but the idea of having a giant needle shoved into one of my organs while I’m awake sounds kind of..  Not pleasant to me.  Either way the important take away was “we’re not there yet.”

We’re still in the monitoring phase, he says, and he’ll see me back in about two months.  Meanwhile “go see a rheumatologist ASAP.”

I’m trying, I’m trying.  I’m on it, I’m on it.  I swear.