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Kitty's First Real Clothes Pins Experience

Master and me have been looking for clothes pins for a while now, but we never seem to find any.  Lots of places near us only carry the plastic kind, which I don’t think are very painful, and if they do not transmit pain, I just don’t really want them.  A few days ago we finally managed to find a package!  Hooray! 

I have played with clothes pins before, sort of.  When I was first starting out, I bought a package of tiny clips.  They were less than a quarter of an inch wide, about an inch and a half long, and rainbow colored.  They were really pretty, but they didn’t last too long.  I never had full sized ones before though.

Master seemed to really like these.  He started clamping my tits all along the outside, and even clamped my nipples.  At first I was disappointed.  These didn’t give me very much pain at first, and I scoffed to myself thinking that I’m better off with clover clamps.  Of course, I’d have to buy a Hell of a lot of clover clamps.  A few minutes into wearing these though, I began to experience a different kind of pain.  I found that these clothes pins actually burned.  I don’t think I’ve used any other restraints which gave me quite this sensation, and I really warmed up to it.  I felt my cunt dripping, I tried to rub myself up against Master’s hand or cock whenever they got close.  I felt myself drifting off to another place, and then I felt myself pulled sharply back as Master removed them.

Master never does something which we’ve not done before for very long.  He likes to do just a little bit the first couple of times to give me a taste, and so that he can hone his technique before he moves to the next level.  I think I had these on for fifteen or twenty minutes before he took them off, and I was loathe to remove them.  The following morning, I still had little pink lines all around my tits where the clothes pins were.  I look forward to using these more and more, and I can tell Master does too.

Who knew that $3 would be so fun?

When The Clothes Pins Were Removed