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Spontaneous Wax

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It was getting late, and I was sitting around in my ugliest pajama shirt.  It has a huge ugly cartoon lobster on the front.  I was playing Oblivion when Master told me to go into the bedroom.  He took my compression socks off, so I knew this would be a session when I was going to be flat for the whole thing.  Normally, we change positions fairly frequently so he doesn’t generally take my socks off.

Master g-clipped my wrists together, and he pulled my shirt up.

“Are you still going to think I’m sexy knowing that there’s a giant cartoon lobster on this shirt?” I jokingly asked him.

The shirt is kind of a joke in these parts.

He smiled at me and started playing with my tits.  I guess the lobster shirt isn’t that much of a deterrent!

As you can see, we’ve been very much enjoying the black wax candles lately.  Master lights them both so that one is always melting while he uses the other.  Not a bad strategy, I’d say.

When I was cumming hard later on, he splashed a lot of wax at once on my left thigh.  Fucking hot.  I really liked this picture and wanted to share it.  I love looking all speckled from Master’s candles.