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Pooling It Up

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Yesterday we spent a bunch of time at our local pool. :)  We went over around 2PM, but not after totally ripping our mint plant to shreds to make mint, basil, oregano mojitos.  They were SO tasty.  I can hardly wait for the mint plant to grow a couple more leaves.  The basil plant was on its way out so we just took the rest of the green leaves off of it and added them, with a handful or so of oregano leaves.  I cannot even tell you how much alcohol was in it.  No, really.  I can’t.  Master puts the alcohol in, and it’s a big secret.  *giggles*  Anyway it was delicious, and everyone at the pool was raving about it!  Awesome.

Part of the fun of it all, is people picking up on our dynamic.  Little things.  I don’t call him Master at the pool, and we don’t do sexual things, of course.  There are children out and about after all.  Some pretty blatant comments have been coming out though.  Really funny and awesome ones.  Some examples:

  • Master had just finished cooking some corn and was eating in in front of one of the mothers at the pool.  We’ll call her “S”.  S started talking about how she suddenly was getting horny, and she remarked about how it must be Master’s corn eating.  HA!  He started eating the corn more sensually, and I made a comment about how there were children around.  S said to me:  “Oh, I bet you spank him good at home!”  I said:  “Oh, no, it’s more the opposite.”  Everyone smiled.  <3
  • Later, while I was playing alone in the pool with my pool noodle, and Master was cooking himself a burger, S came back and I’m not sure how the convo started, but Master said that S mentioned going to the bathroom while I was in there.  She said that “For all you know, we could have fucked.”  Master grinned and said “Yeah, you could have.”  They both chuckled, and she said “You’re one lucky dog.”  Master said “Yeah, I know!”
  • At one point, Master sent me all the way back to the apartment to get more vodka.  I grabbed the keys, and merrily went on my way.  I didn’t complain or look back or anything.  Master told me while I was gone that a couple of the ladies were mentioning that it wasn’t nice of him to send me back all alone to get the vodka.  One of the guys mentioned “Oh no, I think that’s her role.”  And Master mentioned “Oh yes she loves doing all the errands and carrying all the bags.”
  • One of the people also mentioned that before they got to know us, they had a feeling we were kinky. (Could it be the collar and ears?).  She said she was excited to find out that we were indeed, and do we know how to get KY Jelly stains out?  Ha ha ha!

It’s funny, one of the women there, (we’ll call her “T”) mentioned that before they got to know us, they used to call us “The Weird Couple”.  Well, that’s cool with me.  I guess we are the weird couple.  Here I am always wearing kitty ears, and we actually act like a couple all the time, kissing, snuggling, I am always massaging his hands or feet, etc.  I really don’t see other couples acting like that around the pool.

The only thing which kind of bugged me, I knew was going to come up sooner or later.  T asked me why I never wear a “real bathing suit”.  I laughed and said that this is a real bathing suit even if it does have long sleeves, and the only reason I wear it is because is has SPF 50 in it.  I told her I burn easily, and that it doesn’t matter how much sunblock I put on, I still burn.  She sounded completely astonished and gave me all this “Oh no WAY”  and “Sunblock ALWAYS helps” and “I’m pretty sure that you would look great with a TAN.”  HA!  I told her I’ve never been able to tan a single day in my life, I just burn.  Then she decided to take the route of assuming that I must be wearing this long sleeved suit because I have body image issues.  *Eye roll*.  Come on now!  She started saying things like “Oh, I’ve got tons of stretch marks, so if I can do it you can do it.”  Ha ha ha.  I don’t have any stretch marks.  Not one.  What really surprised me though, was that she has seen me in my bikini and my tankini at the pool before, I just don’t wear them if I’m going out to the pool before 5PM, so I usually wear them if Master and me are going out to the pool after he works.  Oh well.  I knew someone was going to confront me eventually.  If they want to think that I am wearing this long sleeved suit because I am shy about my body, that’s cool.  Meanwhile, I’ll continue to wear my bikini on days or at times of the day which have low UV index.  Sheesh.

Anyway, there were a lot more fun innuendos and comments, but those were the most fun, I think.  We had a lot of fun, and I’m sure we’ll be back today for some more sunshine and pool fun.  <3