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Door Jam Cuffs

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When I was first learning about BDSM, I met someone who I dated briefly and who had a very sexy habit.  He would lift me up, and hold me against the wall while making out with or fucking me.  I love the feeling of being lifted and thrown about like a rag doll, but I am not tiny and have not yet met another person who could lift me like that.   I have heard so many things about the Door Jam Cuffs by Sportsheets that I could not wait to try them out.  They arrived in the usual Sportsheets clamshell box.

It is a pretty sturdy case, so you could definitely use it to store your door jam cuffs if you like, but I decided to just recycle mine.  The cuffs were small enough that they fit easily in our bondage gear drawer.

I tried to get a picture of these actually on our doors, but unfortunately we have really tall doors, and I was unable to get a good picture.  This should give you a good idea of how things work though.  The soft cuffs velcro into place around your wrists or ankles, and the tube part of the cuffs go over the door before you shut it, or under the door to keep your feet in place.

The tubes themselves are about 4.5″ long and made from plastic.  The length of the strap leading up to the cuff is 8.75″.  Master decided to put these on my wrists to test them out first, and I have to say (don’t laugh) I could barely reach the ground wearing these and we had to put me up on a stool!  One major thing I did not realize about these straps is that they are not adjustable lengthwise.  When we first moved here, one thing we noticed was that our doors and ceilings were much higher up than anywhere else we have ever been.  I measured the height of our doors and they are all nearly 7′ tall!  I am 5’2″, and I guess after living here almost a year, we got used to the height and didn’t realize they may not work with the door jam cuffs.  Oops.  We also tried these cuffs out underneath our doors, but there is a huge 2″ gap from the floor to the lower part of the door, so that didn’t work for us at all.  I do think, once again, that this is completely due to our door design.

Still, Master said he enjoyed seeing me “stuck” against the door like that, and I felt similar to how I used to – when I used to be stuck to the wall by other *ahem* means.  I think that if you have doors of a normal height, or are a bit taller than me, that you will LOVE these cuffs.  They are soft, adjustable, and I personally could not break away from them.  Being on the stool to reach these added an extra level of vulnerability for me, but for those of you with normal sized doors, I think the door jam cuffs are going to be a fun and hassle free addition to your sex lives. :)

I am giving the Door Jam Cuffs 4 Paws:

Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me to try out the Door Jam Cuffs in exchange for an honest and fair review! :)