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Feelin’ a bit sunnier.

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Just call me Dr. Love.  He he he.  Seriously though, I have a special order for all my cam toys, I group anal ones together, I always put my “beating implements” in the bottom so the vibrators don’t roll everywhere while I’m playing.  I just looked at my toys this morning, and all I could think was that surgeons aren’t this precise!  *giggle*

This past weekend was really nice.  It was great to be able to relax a bit, and just get some thinking time in.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got my recent depression figured out now, which is a good thing.  But also, not very changeable.  It’s more something I’m going to need to adapt to.  This happens to me every year, around this time.  Basically, the summer is depressing to me.  I know that is back-ass-wards to how most people are, I know that most people get depressed in the winter, and happy again in the summer, but you’ll see why it is opposite for me in a minute.

In the winter, things are really different for me.  First of all, I’ve never gotten a sun burn in the winter.  (Okay, I did once but that was when I went hiking in the White Mountains with my dad for an entire week, and it was so cold we didn’t think to put sunblock on my face, which was the one spot which got burned).  I also love snow, and I love to go outside and play in it.  The other thing I really love about winter is that cozy feeling you get, sitting inside, huddled in blankets, drinking cocoa and watching the snow fall down.  Delightful.  <3  I also don’t get allergies in the winter.  I’ll walk outside in any weather, as long as it isn’t blizzarding out, so the winter itself rarely stops me from working out.

The summer has always been different.  I’ve got porcelain skin, and that means I have a knack for getting burned.  While there are things that I love to do that pretty much require summer, (like swimming, roller blading, farmer’s markets etc), I find that I get limited time to enjoy those things because I have to wait until late afternoon to get outside.  Lately, I’ve been holding off on going outside until 5PM, which is much different than back in MA.  At the pool we had in MA, there were tables with umbrellas and shade, so I could go outside, swim for an hour, re-apply sunblock, and wait for 15 minutes in the shade for it to sink in.  It was great.  Rinse and repeat.

Here in Colorado, though, there’s no shade near our pool whatsoever, and I’ve been covering myself in clothes to go out to the pool (and I still can’t go out until very late in the day).  In the morning, we try to get our chores done before noon, and even then, if I put on sunblock, I get burned going from the car to the store and vice versa.  I’m not talking mild burns here, I’m talking lobster kind of red, even with sunblock, hats, and using an umbrella as a parasol.

Basically, what this has amounted to since moving here – is me staring sadly out the window wishing I was outside, and trying not to be a total lazy lump inside.  (There’s only so much you can do all day while you wait for the sun to go down.)  But the staying indoors is getting to me.  I’m getting what I like to call “cabin fever”.  During the week it’s no big deal, but it is just getting me down a lot on the weekends.  Master doesn’t burn (but he puts sunblock on, anyway), so he often will run out to the pool in the middle of the day for a quick dunk or a soak in the hot tub.  And I miss him.  Not in the moment, I can handle being alone for a little while, but I mean – I want to be out there playing and having fun with him and not staying inside bored and sad.

And, every year this happens, only I never pick up on what is getting me down right away.  But now that I’ve figured it out, I guess I can just figure how to adapt and move on.  Right now we’re looking into UV clothing.  I’ve found a few sites which have clothes themselves which are SPF 50+, so I’m going to pick some up when I get paid next to see if that helps.

I snapped that picture last night.  I love it.  Master got one of me too:

The weekend went pretty well.  Saturday afternoon we went out to see Shrek: Forever After.  I really loved it!  It was waay better done than the last Shrek movie which was my least favorite of the four out now.  This one was really funny though, so definitely if you’re a Shrek fan go see it!

Master has been working very hard on getting rid of his diabetes.  He has switched all his “white” processed foods out for whole grains and whole wheat, and is no longer drinking soda of any kind!  He isn’t pouting anymore, and I am soo proud of him for making the effort.  He is getting up to go to work early to try to get more time in at the gym, and he is really just going for it!  Yay!  The other day I bought him some diabetic pizza and ice cream..  Lol!

Mew mew, I’m hoping to get back to blogging now that I’m a lot less mopey.  ^^