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My Marriage, It Has Three Corners

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Master, And Me. Having Fun And Being A Bit Silly.

Today is the third anniversary of Master and me being married.  We do celebrate quite a few anniversaries, don’t we?  I think that after being together all of this time (total of eight years) that is part of what keeps the love alive.  We’re still saps. We still are absolutely thrilled each time we see each other.  My eyes light up when he comes home from work, as do his, when he sees me at home waiting for him.  Today is three years of marriage, and I could not think of anyone else I’d rather spend time married to.

Dear Master,

It’s been three years!  Three wonderful years of legal bonding.  It honestly feels like more.  I don’t mean that in a bad, time is dragging sense.  I just mean that, I cannot remember a time when we weren’t married – and I know I have been alive a couple years more than three.  *Cough*

I love you for choosing me.  I love you for keeping me.  I love you for never forgetting me, for never leaving me behind.

I love you for you.  Your flaws, your triumphs, your losses.  I love you no matter what happens, and wherever life may take us.

Thank you for being my husband,

(Your) kitty