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Serenade Sunday

Serenade Sunday

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Well, Serenade Sunday started off well enough. I wanted to do it, because when we first got Serenade she was so cute and little, and she’d do such cute things. Lately though, she just lays around like a bump on a log, whether she’s on the ground or in my lap. No, nothing’s wrong with her. ;) She’s just coming up on her birthday, and she’ll be two years old. I think she’s probably still doing cute things, but I think she’s just doing them at night while we sleep (she is a very active kitty). So anyway, since Serenade Sunday is making me bored, I asked Master if I could can it, and canning it I am. Serenade will still make appearances here and on my Tumblr, I’m sure, but not on a constant basis.

When a baby is boring her mommy, (even a fur baby), you know it’s time to quit the blog day you have dedicated to her. So, here’s an old picture of her, for her last official “Serenade Sunday.” Enjoy.