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Pirouette Waterproof Vibrator

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I’m finicky when it comes to texture and vibrators.  One of the reasons why is that, there are days where a lot of texture feels awesome to me, but the majority of the time I really prefer a smooth surface or something on the very low end of texture.  I was drawn to want to try the Pirouette when I saw it on GoodVibes, mainly because it has a bit of texture as you can see, but it is completely smooth all the way down, so I thought it would be fun and easier for me to take.

I am happy to report that when the toy arrived, the packaging it showed up in was simple (cardboard), and fitted to the toy.  I hate when you get a package which has a ton of extra cardboard or plastic, and is huge and not recyclable.  That isn’t the case here, thankfully.  You could easily recycle the Pirouette’s packaging too, if you don’t mind having an obvious vibrator box in your recycling bin.  There are no nude or scantily clad models on the box, but there is a big picture of the vibrator on the front, so that’s your call.

Inside the box, the 6” long vibrator was contained by a simple plastic sleeve.  I tossed my sleeve away in the garbage, you don’t really need it for storage.  The toy runs on two AA batteries, which do not come included.




As you can see here, the toy has a simple twist-off design to get to the batteries.  You can also see the rubber o-ring.  I have tested the toy for waterproofness by putting it in a full sink running on full blast for thirty minutes.  When I removed it from the sink, not a single drop of water had made its way to the batteries!  Joy!  If you’re not one of those people who loves to play with your toys in the tub or shower, this is still an excellent feature, as you won’t need to worry when you’re scrubbing your toy after you use it.

Speaking of washing your toy, the Pirouette is made from ABS plastic, which means it is non-porous.  Feel free to share it as long you clean it properly (but, if you’re not fluid bonded and want to share the toy, or you just would like some extra peace of mind, feel free to use a condom over it).  How should you go about cleaning this?  You can use a 10% bleach solution, soap and water, or a toy cleaner.  Let it dry completely before storing it.

When you feel the Pirouette in your hands, you’ll notice it has a lovely velvet coating to it.  This feels great in your hands, and it also allows for a bit of drag when you’re playing with the toy internally.  If you want less drag, add a bit of lube.  If you’d like less drag, less or no lube.  Happily, any type of lube you would like to use is just fine and compatible with this toy.

The toy is 1 1/8” in diameter, which is a bit on the small side.  However, if you typically like toys which are small in girth, don’t forget that the spiral texture will make this toy feel a bit larger than it really is.  Since the Pirouette is made of hard plastic, it has no give to it either.  I tend to like toys that are a little girthier than this one usually, but I find that this is an excellent toy for warm up.  The smooth twists feel wonderful and add a new spin on a vibrator that I have yet to experience.  Since the spirals themselves are really gentle this is one textured toy that I actually really enjoy without a lot of warm up, preparation, or lube.

The Pirouette is intended for oral and vaginal use only.  Since there is no wide base (and the toy is shorter than 8”), this toy really is not intended (or safe) to use in the anus.  That’s a shame because I think the soft curves would feel lovely for anal stimulation.  Maybe GoodVibes will get back to us on that, huh?

To turn the Pirouette on, just turn the dial at the base.  The toy is a little bit on the noisy side.  When I put it under the covers and walked outside the bedroom and closed the door, I could still hear it through the door, but only very faintly.  I had to really listen for it, and even then, I was outside the room.  If you are trying to be really discreet and hide the sounds from someone in the same room as you, this probably isn’t your toy.

The Pirouette adjusts in vibration setting from a very low 1 to about a 2.3/4.  Because of the svelte nature of this particular toy, it’s great for use in bondage (large, bulkier toys can sometimes be a pain for keeping in place), or for use playing with someone else.

I really don’t have any complaints about this one.  It is simple, easy to use, and has a great little twist to it.  I’m going to give it 5 paws:

5 paw 

Thank you so much, GoodVibes, for allowing me the chance to try out the Pirouette Waterproof Vibrator in exchange for an honest and fair review!