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A few years ago, I bought Mr Softee, and he has been a staple in our toy box ever since.  He is no longer my absolute most favorite dildo ever, but even after a year and a half, he is still in the top three.  Mr. Softee is not a vibrator, and I would never hold that against him.  But..  What if he could vibrate?  Wouldn’t that just make him all the more awesome?  I thought so, which is why I decided to pick up the Quivering Cock.  It’s basically Mr. Softee with a motor (of doom).

Quivering Cock (black) And Mr. Softee (Pink)


The Quivering Cock runs on C batteries.  You need two of them, and they are not included.  On the EdenFantasys website, it says that the toy is made of rubber.  This is actually false, it is made of Sil A Gel.  Sil A Gel is a squishy, slightly porous material (so don’t share this one, but if you must, be sure to use a condom) that has some antibacterial properties.  I’m not 100% sure what Sil A Gel is made of, so to be on the safe side, I use only water based lubes with this.

The Quivering Cock came in a pretty typical Doc Johnson package.  It is just a plastic clamshell case.  It is not very discreet, but you could definitely use it to store the toy, if you bear in mind that the package itself is pretty big.  While there’s no inappropriate pictures on the package, it is completely see-through, and you can see the toy easily.  If you’re the DIY type, you could just whip up your own toy pouch for your new toy, or you could always store it in your sock drawer, and just be prepared to wash it more often.  Sil A Gel attracts a lot of dust and dander, you see.

I was a bit surprised by the actual toy in person.  It looks nice and big, like I was expecting (A grand total of 7″ in length, and 1 3/4″ in girth).  It also had the same sort of feel as Mr. Softee did.  But, the smell of the toy is something that is hard to get past at first.  Where Mr. Softee smelled like fruit punch, this toy certainly does not.  It smells very much like plastic and I am not a fan of the smell at all.  The packaging assures me that despite the smell of the toy, the Quivering Cock is 100% phthalates free.  The smell might be a deterrent for some though.  Personally, I had to let it air out by an open window for a while, and even then it still retains a soft “factory” sort of scent.  The other thing which surprised me about the toy is that, the Quivering Cock is basically a sleeve, set atop a slightly textured vibrator.  The texture is likely to help hold the slippery cock in place.  You could remove the cock sleeve and put it on another similar vibrator if you like, which many people will find versatile (the toy won’t last forever, and when it dies at least you have the back up option of finding a new vibe to put the sleeve on.)

A View Of The Sleeve Over The Hard Plastic Vibrator


When we were using this, I was surprised to find that I had a difficult time with insertion, even though it is a similar size to Mr. Softee, which I have no problems with.  I think the reason behind this, is that while the head of the cock is somewhat squishy, the rest of the toy is very hard due to the inner plastic core.  So, while Mr. Softee has a bit more give to it, this makes the Quivering Cock a better toy for those who are comfortable with bigger insertions.  Even then, because of the drag in the Sil A Gel material, you may find that you need extra warm up and plenty of lube to get this one in comfortably.  It all depends on what you are comfortable with.

Before we tried playing with this, I put the batteries in and turned it on.  I found that the toy didn’t feel as strong as some of my toys which have AA or AAA batteries, and was a bit disappointed off the bat.  Luckily, when the toy is inserted it feels a lot more rumbly than it looks.  The vibrations are definitely a lower quality, but they are still pretty strong and feel amazing internally.  Externally they were still good, but this toy really excels at internal vaginal stimulation.

While the Quivering Cock is a straight vibrator (no curves or bends), I did find that it managed to stimulate my g-spot because of its big bulbous head.  The head is somewhat squishy in my hands, but my genitals don’t seem to compress the hard toy as much as my fingers can.  That hard head managed to hit my g-spot every time, but be warned, my g-spot is somewhat shallow, so if yours is deep inside or difficult to stimulate, this probably won’t be the right vibrator for you.  I just think of it as a nice bonus.

Both Mr. Softee and the Quivering Cock have a veiny texture along the sleeve, and this is great for mild stimulation.  I don’t find that it feels uncomfortable at all because the bumps are a lot more easy to “squish” than the body of the toy itself.  They feel nice without adding too much stimulation.  I definitely notice the veins more though when I use the Quivering Cock, due to the unyielding nature of the hard plastic inner vibrator.

The Quivering Cock is not waterproof, so don’t bring it into the bath or shower with you.  It is also not safe to use this for anal play, because there is not a sturdy anchored base to keep the toy safely outside the anus.

Noise wise, this one isn’t terribly discreet.  You can absolutely hear it through a closed door, unless you put on a TV or some music.  I don’t really think this is the best toy if you are in a room mate situation, or you have to be careful of sound due to thin walls.  Just a head’s up.

To clean your Quivering Cock, you can use some soap and water, or a toy cleaner.  Bear in mind, that this is porous though, so it’ll never come 100% clean.  You can always use a condom on it for that extra bit of safety though.

I really do love my Quivering Cock, even if it takes me some extra warm up and lube to really enjoy it.  It is fun, vibrates wonderfully, and gives me powerful O’s.  When choosing between the Quivering Cock or Mr. Softee, I choose based upon how much time I have.  If I have less time, I go with Mr. Softee because it is so flexible, and doesn’t require as much warm up.  Still, when I have more time, this is a great one to reach for which definitely gives me some great orgasms.  I’m giving it 4 paws:

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Vibrator with rubber sleeve

The Quivering Cock is a toy from my private collection.  It has not been given to me in exchange for an honest and fair review.



NOT AMUSED! (I’m one who hates all caps, but sometimes, you just need them.)

I always store my toys with batteries in them, because it is a major pain in the butt to me to have to hunt batteries down when it’s time to use a toy.  I’ve never had an issue, aside from the fact that occasionally leaving a battery in the toy will drain the battery, which kind of sucks.

The other day, I went to pick up my Quivering Cock, and it was so hot that the screw in the bottom of the toy was burning..  And it burned my skin!  I’m OK, and I did manage to get the batteries out, but I’m so mad.  I know that this is a cheap (inexpensive) toy, but I never expected the toy to warm up when I hadn’t even been playing with it..  And then bite me!  Do not like!  I am not happy anymore.