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Mermaid Vibrator By Paloqueth

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Mermaid Vibe In Box

Here we have a gorgeous vibrator, sent to me by the lovely people at Paloqueth to review.  I was so excited to receive it, and just like the last Paloqueth toy I received, this one arrived in a beautiful box with a little fabric storage bag.  Fabric storage bags are something I really appreciate, especially with silicone toys which tend to collect dust and pet hair if you place them down on virtually any surface.

The silicone on the toy was very smooth feeling, and it doesn’t have any taste or odors associated with it.  You can use any lubricants you like with the Mermaid vibe, as long as you don’t use silicone lube.  Silicone lubes may damage the surface of your toy.  As you would expect of something called a “Mermaid” vibe, this toy is waterproof too, which makes cleaning a cinch.  Mild soap and water, a toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution will all work fine to clean this.

How did these 7.8″ work in use?  Well, let me start off by saying, the Mermaid vibrator is designed specifically for g-spot stimulation.  I’ve always struggled stimulating my own g-spot.  When I have a partner playing with my g-spot it seems like they can hit it without even trying, but when I play by myself, I can sometimes hit it, but it’s always too awkward of an angle for me to be able to stimulate it on my own so I usually give up and just do other things. 

Power Button

I found that with the Mermaid Vibe, it was so easy to stimulate my g-spot!  I literally insert the toy, and it magically hits my g-spot perfectly.  I do want to point out, that while I was lucky that this toy fits me so perfectly, it is very unlikely that every single person will have that same experience.  I usually enjoy vaginal stimulation just fine, even without being able to hit my g-spot, but for me, this toy was absolutely an amazing tool that allowed me to perfectly hit my g-spot every time without even trying or having to work hard with my wrists.  Additionally, I enjoyed this toy so much, that I actually bruised my g-spot the first week, and I wound up needing to take time off of it.

As someone who is a natural squirter, (but who has no control over it, and no, I’m not interested in your advice on how to squirt every time because I don’t care) I haven’t been the type to squirt during my masturbation sessions, and have always needed a partner for it.  This is not a major big deal to me, because squirting is not my main goal when I’m masturbating ever, but this was the first one that actually made me squirt without a partner on a consistent and reliable basis.  (I managed to squirt with a toy on exactly ONE other occasion, and I have yet to repeat that experience, even using that toy.  So if squirting is something you enjoy doing, or making a partner do, this might be a good toy for you.  For me, it is the only toy that works.

Charging this toy is really easy.  It has a USB cable, so you can plug it in while you’re checking your email.  I’ve used it over ten times so far, and never needed to recharge it yet though.  I really can’t say enough good things about my mermaid vibe.  It’s really a quality toy and it’s so inexpensive especially for what it does.  I hope you’ll go to Paloqueth’s site and check it out.

5 Paws:

This toy was given to me in exchange for an honest and fair review.  This statement is in accordance with FTC guidelines.