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Rabbit Vibrator By Paloqueth

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Rabbit Vibrator By Paloqueth

Paloqueth recently contacted me and asked if I’d like to review their Rabbit Vibrator.  I have to admit.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to.  I loved their 360 Rotation Dual Density Dildo, but as I’ve written here many times before, I do not like rabbit vibrators.  Still, the last toy I tried by Paloqueth was so impressive that I decided that the rabbit vibe was at least worth giving a try, so I agreed.

One thing I did love about the toy without even trying it was the fact that it is waterproof.  The website says not to submerge it for a long time, but for me this was fine because I’m not big on bringing toys into the shower or tub (though you definitely could!) I just find that waterproof toys make it much easier to clean.  I like not needing to worry about having to keep a battery compartment from getting splashed, and you totally do not need to worry about that here.

The toy is made from silicone, so you definitely want to make sure that you do not use any silicone lubes with it.  Most lubes will be completely fine as long as they are not silicone based.  To clean the toy, scrub with soap and water, a toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution.  Please do not boil or put this in your dishwasher because it has mechanical parts. 

The toy is 8.5″ in length, with 4.5″ being insertable.  If you’re looking for a toy that’s not too large, this might be a good one.  I have to say, the hook of the toy hit my g-spot just perfectly!

So, you have your toy, and you’re ready to play with it.  You press the button to turn it on.  Hold for three seconds, and the bottom lights up with the company’s name.  You can also charge this one via USB!  Paloqueth has the technology on this one!

Bottom of the Toy

As I’ve mentioned before in this post, and many times in this blog in general, I actually have never liked rabbit vibes before.  The second you mention not liking bunnies, it merely draws the rabbit vibe cultists from the woodwork to tell me that I’m wrong.  “You need to find the RIGHT ONE” they will all tell you.  “IT MUST FIT YOUR BODY PROPERLY” they say.  They aren’t wrong.  My entire complaint about rabbit vibes is that, they are much too much hassle in general.  They MUST fit your body properly, and they also tend to be on the expensive side of things, so if you are going to try bunny after bunny looking for your dream rabbit, it gets a bit on the pricey side of things.  To me, it’s never been worth the hassle, even with receiving a toy from a company in exchange for a review.  Since I’ve tried so many I just assume by this point that I’ll use an insertable toy, and I’ll put a vibrator on top, OK?  That’s my style, that’s just how I jive.  Fine.  But, companies will (now and then) offer me a bunny anyway, and out of a sense of not wanting to turn them down I accept the offer, but usually warn them (if they don’t know already) that I don’t like bunnies so this will probably be a lost cause.  “Oh, not ours,” they usually say.  “Just give it a shot.”

Now, I will tell you that Paloqueth did NOT act at all like they knew their toy was amazing.  They did say that “It is rated very highly overall.”  And I felt like.  “Okay.  I can’t let these good people down.  Sure.  I’ll try it.”  I dreaded the toy’s arrival and even after it showed up at the door I thought ::Sigh::  “You’re gonna be like all the other ones.”

The toy arrived discreetly, you’d have no clue what was in it if you had no idea who “Paloqueth” was.  And in Paloqueth’s defense, they only have their company name written in the tiniest corner of the package.  Most people aren’t gonna know what it is.  Opening the box, there was another plain black box inside where the toy lives.  You could save this for storage if you like.  It’s pretty low profile and a good place to keep your toy.

I was home alone the very first time I used this toy, and I thought “Well.  Here goes absolutely nothing.  I didn’t bring any other vibrators with me, just deciding that I was going to leave things entirely up to the Rabbit Vibrator.  “We’ll see what happens,” I figured.  Worst case scenario, I could use it externally.  The nine vibration patterns are fairly strong, which is a good bonus.  I begrudgingly inserted the toy, sure it would do nothing for me.  And at first, it really didn’t.  I had the same problem I always had “Oh, this thing doesn’t match up at all,”  I liked the way the internal vibrator hit my g-spot bit I need clitoral stimulation to cum.  I wished I had brought another vibrator.  I decided to give this toy a fair shake though, and I kept going.  I turned it this way and that, trying to make the rabbit attachment reach just right.

A close up of the rabbit attachment, showing its flexibility

Suddenly, out of nowhere the toy just WORKED you guys.  It WORKED.  I made the ugliest face I’ve ever made and I pulled the toy out of me and threw it across the couch so fast. 

A rabbit vibe worked.  On me.  You guys.  ::Blink Blink::

Master Pravus and me still giggle about it to this day.  The last time a toy gave me an orgasm that intense, was an e-stim toy!  I do not normally sing the praise of rabbit vibes, and I honestly may never again.  But.

Well played, Paloqueth.  Well played.

So, needless to say 5 Paws Paloqueth:

Thank you so much, Paloqueth, for sending me this Rabbit Vibrator in exchange for an honest and fair review. 

Watch the video review of this toy here.