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Rocket Bullet

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Rocket Bullet


I’m not a fan of bullet vibes.  I really never have been.  I didn’t actually buy this one though, or, to be honest, get sent it for review.  This was a toy that came free when I bought something else, but it’s a bit different than most bullets I’ve come across, and I wanted to review it for that reason.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Rocket Bullet  when you get it, is how much bigger it is compared with other bullet vibrators.  It is 5″ long, and 1/4″ in diameter.  4″ of its 5″ length are insertable.  The box does say that you can use this for anal play, but I really have to recommend against that.  The bullet is composed of many bulges running down the length of the toy, and while the last one is slightly wider than the base, it is only just barely wider.  With the smooth nature of the ABS plastic the toy is made out of, and the fact that your hands will likely have lube on them (making it easy to get too much toy in by accident), I really don’t feel comfortable recommending this for anal play.  You should have no problem using this toy for external vibrations and vaginal use, though.

To turn your bullet on, you just need to push the “On/Off” button on the battery pack.  There are seven different modes, and they are all easy to cycle through by using the “7” button.  If you’d like to turn the toy off, just press the “On/Off” button again.  Simple as pie!  One word of warning though, the nature of the vibrations is a bit too high pitched for my liking.  The toy itself is pretty strong (about three out of five), but they are very buzzy.  While I can definitely reach an “O” using this toy, I find that I need lots of firm pressure, and even then, if I play with the toy for too long, I am going to feel a bit numb afterwards.  It is definitely not my favorite toy for vibration style, but it does have lots of osccilating and steady patterns to choose from.  I also found that the toy is extremely loud for such a small toy.  If you require discretion, this may not be your best bet.

I found that for me, the best use of this toy was for external vibrations.  I prefer toys which are a little bit girthier for internal vaginal stimulation, but I did have fun with this one externally.  It all depends on what you personally enjoy.  If you like buzzier vibrations, this might be the perfect toy for you.

Bullet Close Up

Another word of warning, is that the box claims this toy to be waterproof.  Looking at the bottom of the box, however, I noticed it said to keep the wires and controller dry when cleaning.  This leads me to be nervous submerging this under water.  Maybe the bullet part is waterproof, but from reading the box, I don’t recommend getting the controller or wires wet.

The toy runs on two AA batteries, which do not come with it.  They are easy to install however, you just need to unscrew the bottom where the controller is.

How do you clean your bullet?  That’s a pretty simple matter too.  I mentioned already that the toy is made from ABS plastic, well, it also has an (either gold or silver, depending on what you choose) plating on top of it.  Mine arrived scratched.  Therefore, you might feel more comfortable putting a condom on this before you use it.  That’s totally up to you, but, aside from the plating bullet itself is easy to clean.  Be very careful with the battery pack (I’d just wipe that down with a barely damp cloth with just a bit of soap on it, and use another wet cloth with no soap to get the soap off.  You can use soap and water, a toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution on the bullet though.  Just be extra careful to get in between the little nooks that connect one ridge to the next.  It should be pretty easy to keep this clean overall, though.  More good news?  All types of lube are safe for this.

The toy requires two AA batteries, which are not included.  The control pack unscrews at the base, and the batteries are easy to insert.

Where should you store this one?  That’s up to you.  The box isn’t discreet, because it has see-through panels on the front where you can see the toy.  If you’re not worried about discretion, I’d just leave it in the box.  It’s not a big box and will keep it safe from dust and dander.  You can also easily put this in a toy bag or sock drawer, and it’s small enough to blend in fairly easily.

Overall, this one didn’t win my cunt over, but I’ve had worse.  I’m giving it 3 paws, and recommending it only to those who really enjoy buzzy sensations, and don’t mind the plating chipping:Please use the code G5U at checkout to get 15% off of any order on EdenFantasys!


This toy was not given to me in exchange for a review.  It is part of my personal collection, and I chose to review it on my own.