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Pussy.. In.. Space! (And Chains)

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Up..(?) Skirt

Here’s a couple of pictures from one of our recent play sessions.  We had a lot of fun (as per usual).  Since we moved in we haven’t had any time to get our bondage rig  back up and running, though we are allowed to have it in this apartment.  What with all the injuries, etc, there just hasn’t been a huge rush to bolt out to the store to get the last seven or eight screws we need plus a stud finder.  I can barely stand at the moment, anyway.  Meanwhile, we do still have the lengths of chain we used for it, and aside from the actual ceiling rig, Master’s never tied me with them.  Until now, anyway.

Tied With Chains


Foot Secured

It was a cool feeling for sure, being tied to the massage table like that.  The chains were uncomfortable, but a good uncomfortable.  These particular ones are super heavy, much heavier than they look, and I could feel my wrists and ankles being stretched and pulled towards the floor.  I could move a tiny bit, but I couldn’t escape or sit up, not that I honestly wanted to.

Cunt Seeking Missile

This is one of those sessions that I fell into quickly, and I don’t recall many of the details.  I do remember enjoying myself quite a bit though, hee hee hee.  And, for some reason, my jaw was killing me the next day.  I should probably ask Master what he did to it, but it probably won’t matter.  Someone just pass the arnica, please.