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Tied With Sisal

Because my doctor is a bit worried that I may have a rumbling appendix, until the verdict is out on that I can’t do any impact play to my upper body, or have anything too tight around my middle (as in, very strict bondage).  Master and me still wanted to have some fun and we had so many new toys we wanted to try out, so we opted to play anyway.

For starters, Master had me go and put on a cute pair of panties.  He really likes panties, which is why up until recently he always wanted me to wear panties around the house.  It was a tough habit to break because I hate wearing them, and only really do it on my own if I am menstruating, working out (no idea why, but I can’t work out without panties on), or am going to the doctor.  Again, I have no idea why going to the doctor makes me want to wear panties.  Anyway, he had me get up on the massage table, and he put a pair of my leather cuffs on me before clipping them to a spreader bar concealed beneath the table.  Then, he tied me to the table with sisal rope.

I’ll admit I felt like the rope was a bit of a tease.  While I adore being tied, I am not a fan of loose or non-restrictive ties.  (With the exception being my cunt, which doesn’t like very tight ties, and if I am honest – does not enjoy being tied at all.)  I could wiggle beneath my wraps with only a minimum of effort.  Master reminded me at the time that he couldn’t compress that area too much.  I knew it was true, but it was hard to not be completely wrapped in the rope and just feel like I could not escape.  I did love the scratchiness of the sisal.  It actually left a bunch of red lines on me after we were done, which shocked me considering it wasn’t even tight!


After Master tied me to the table and had me secured in the way that he wanted, he took out his new finger knives.  I felt him scratching (not really cutting, just scratching) some letters into my back.  I coulnd’t make out hte word though.  When he had finished scratching up my back he turned his attention to my feet, and teased and tormented me with his sharp knives.  I loved it.

A little bit later, as Master was preparing to tie my legs slightly spread, I heard him say that he could see “WHORE” written in over my back, and I blushed to myself.  It was so hot to think of him scratching a word into my skin like that.  I heard the camera turn on, and I could hear him taking pictures.  Sadly, the flash drowned out most of the redness, but if you look closely you can still make out the word.


Master told me he was going to start out slowly on my calves, until he got used to the heft of the new canes and then work his way up.  I was so excited.  The first cane we tried was the big rattan one.  The kind we bought is full of oil, so they last a lot longer.  It also appears to be shellacked.  I absolutely adore this cane.  I love the big heavy “thump thump thump” as it hits me.  I love the waves of pain, first lighter then amplifying as the second wave comes through, and I love the nice tender sensation I get walking around the next day.  Love.

After Master had his fill of that cane, he moved on to the next one, which is thinner, about the same weight, and black.  I am not sure the material, but I don’t believe it is a wooden one.  I thought this one would be stingy from the looks of it, and I was a bit “eh” about wanting to buy it.  (Not that he asked, or had to ask).  When he hit me with it, I was shocked to find that it might even be thuddier or at the very least posess the same amount of thud as the other cane we had just tried.  I just loved every freaking minute of it and was loathe for it to stop.  Master seemed to really love using them both on me, too.


A lot of things Master and me do don’t involve commands.  He often treats me like a piece of meat who cannot see or hear him, so why would he bother to address me.  I enjoy this a lot.  I love the silence, and getting lost in what is going on.  Sometimes it gets frustrating when I can’t figure out what he is trying to get me to do, but if that happens I ask him out loud to clarify for me.  At this point, I felt him pick up each one of my legs, and lay it side-ways (think frog!) so that I was still on my tummy, but had my bent legs behind me.  I wasn’t sure what was coming next.

He took out Alistair, and butted the head of the toy up against my clitoris.  I knew what he wanted me to do, and started grinding my hips up and down against the head of the toy.  It felt so good.  About two minutes into this, he told me to tell him when I was about to cum (sometimes he tells me to warn him, and sometimes he tells me to ask him for permission.  I never know what’s coming.)  I worked myself on the toy for a couple of minutes, as best as I could while being tied down, and I came.  I didn’t have any warning, and I told Master I was cumming as I was.  Bad kitty.  I still have such a hard time controlling orgasm, and sometimes if we delay it for too long, I just lose the ability and cannot.  It’s something we’re working on.

When I did cum it felt so wonderful though, and it lasted longer than a typical orgasm for me does.  Afterwards, Master teased me by making me hold my ass as high above Alistair as I could, without letting my clit touch him.  My clit was so sore and sensitive, but the sisal rope was also holding me back.  I never let my clit touch the toy, and Master told me I was a very good girl.

Sisal Rope Marks After Removal, Despite Not Being Tied Too Tightly.

I love when he gives me physical challenges like that.  I love showing how strong I can be.

Master let me rest against the massage table while he went around and unsecured me.  He started with my wrists, and he put them on the table beside my head.  Then, he took off the sisal rope and took pictures.  I was so surprised to find that the rope had left marks despite the fact that it wasn’t even very tight!  They didn’t last until morning though.

After he untied me, it was his turn to have some fun with his dick in my holes.  He told me to go lay on the futon (since, you know, you can’t have sex on a massage table).  I laid on the futon on my back, and with one  hand, Master clipped and held my wrists together by their cuffs, while his other hand pinched my nose and covered my mouth.  It didn’t take long for him to full my cunt with his creamy cum, and get off me.  We ran to clean ourselves up, and I was a bit spacey for the rest of the night.  Spacey, and happy, and used, and oh so glad.