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First Electroplay

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Before I knew Master, he was playing with a violet wand all the time.  In fact, Master adores electro play.  Adores may be an understatement.  He was very hesitant to do any with me though because of two reasons. 

1: I am epileptic.  Although, I haven’t had a seizure in about ten years.


2:  I have a nervous system condition which leads to my heart beats not always being stable.  This was affecting me very badly for a good long while, but we have it about 98% under control now.

We spent a lot of time looking up the risks.  We talked to people who know a lot about electricity play.  Most people and info sources said that TENS units and Violet Wands were of no issue at all.  Others said not to put any electrodes or a wand over the heart.  Others still said nothing above the waist, and more said that because I have epilepsy, it’s not worth trying it at all.

We thought about it long and hard, and really, there’s lots of things which we shouldn’t do because of my epilepsy, yet we do.  Why should this be out of the question?  No, Master isn’t planning on turning the TENS up all the way and seeing what happens (Ok.  Not yet anyway), but there’s no reason why we can’t experiment with some more mild forms of electricity and see how my body reacts.  Maybe there’s nothing to really worry about.  Maybe I just need to ease into it, yes?

That aside, Master has been talking lately about wanting to buy a violet wand.  We could do it, yes, but it made more sense to start off much smaller and see how well I tolerated it before we spent the money.  It would suck to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of equipment that has to be designated to play partners only.

First Electroplay

Master handed me a red thong with little black bows, and told me to change into it, and then get on the table.  I put the thong on, and started climbing on the table.

“But, Master.”  I hesitated, knowing it wouldn’t really change anything anyway. “I’m scared.”

“Good.  You like being scared.” he reminded me.

“Yes, but what if I die!” I said dramatically.

“You don’t have a choice.  Get on the table.”

I got on the table, and he situated my legs over the sides like in the above picture.  He started off beating me with his large birch cane.  It is very, very similar to the one you see here (scroll down, and check out the fourth one down on the page), but much thicker.  I’m not sure how long he spent beating my thighs with it, but it felt very good and very thuddy to me.  My thighs were on fire before he finished. 

He clamped my nipples with the blue clover clamps (a favorite of mine), and added some clothespins to my tits for good measure.  After a few minutes, I felt him attaching the pads of the shock device to my thighs and hips.  I could not help myself.  The machine had not even been turned on, and I started to cry.  Big, fat tears were rolling down my cheeks, and I struggled internally to sit still. 

“It’s OK Kitty.  This will be fine.  I’m going to turn the machine on now.  Are you ready?”

“I.  Um.  I…


Master chuckled a little bit, but grabbed the hand closest to him and held it.  He didn’t try to relax me other than this.  I think he’s channeling his inner sadist lately.  He seems to be enjoying watching me squirm.  >.<

Close up

He turned the machine on, and I did not like the initial setting.  I think I was already too panicked to settle into it’s “sharp” sensation.  Master switched it to the next setting, which was a little softer and turned it up a couple of notches.  I liked this a lot better, but the panic in me was up a lot, and I had a Hell of a time relaxing into it.  Before long, Master took out the Hitachi.  He teased me a little bit, and wouldn’t let me cum without permission.  It didn’t take too long before I came hard though.  He took the electrodes off, and told me I was a very good kitty.  We moved over to the futon, and used our new Flip Ramp while Master fucked me hard from behind.

The rest of the day was spent with me being utterly and completely exhausted.  I was so tired and sluggish.  I think this was due to the sheer amount of fear I experienced.  It is hard to be scared to that degree and for such a long time.

A couple of nights later, we were watching Krod Mandoon, and Master told me to go get the Flip Ramp, and the shock kit so he could shock me while I watched.  He reasoned that it would be much harder for me to be scared if we were watching something so epic and funny.  He was pretty right.  I took even less time to cum than the first time we used the shock kit, and we were able to turn it up much higher.  I only panicked slightly, and there were no tears this time. :) 

After the experiences I’ve had with the little shock kit we have, I think Master and me will go ahead and get a Violet Wand now that we know I can handle it.  Not right away though.  I’m saving up for a couch.  =^.^= 

IMPORTANT NOTE.  IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE, READ THIS: Master and me are Risk Aware Consensual Kink practitioners, and while we have decided that my epilepsy isn’t going to stop us from doing certain risky types of play, it does not mean we are saying it will be safe for you.  The above experience is something which Master and me are 100% happy with, but we are not in any way saying that if you have a nervous system condition or epilepsy that you should go ahead with such activities.  If you choose to go ahead with such play, it is a decision you are making, and not something we have told you was a good idea.  Thank you!  /End Ass Covering.