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BonBon Baby

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Okay, is this not the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?  Coming to you at the size of my house key, this little beauty is a wonder in your panties.

Bon Bon Next To My Key!

In fact, I’m not exaggerating here – it really stays quite well in panties, and you can wear this out of the house if you like.  It’s not exactly silent though – so I recommend making sure you’re in the right place or saving this for some at home fun.  The thing which makes this tiny vibrator so ingenious, is that is actually does a great job of matching the curves of a woman’s body.  It balances wonderfully on the top of the pubis mons, and the angular end hits your clitoris with ease.  I’ve tried other vibrators which claim to do this well, but none of them have been nearly as awesome as the Bon Bon Vibrator. 

The BonBon Natural Contours Vibrator is made from hard ABS plastic, which makes it perfect for sharing with a playmate, if you sterilize it properly between users.  It is phthalates free, odorless, tasteless, and very cute to behold!  To clean it, just be sure to use a mild soap and water and scrub it thoroughly, or you could also use a 10% bleach solution or toy cleaner.  Be careful not to submerge your toy underwater while cleaning though.  The BonBon is not waterproof.  (Bonus:  This toy comes complete with a little storage bag for you to put your toy in once you get it all shiny and clean!  Nice!)

In order to turn the BonBon on, just press that little brown button on the top there.  See it?  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  It’ll “click” and you can cycle through three modes.  I find that the strongest mode is about a three out of five for intensity, which is more than enough to get me off – but may not work well for you depending on how strong you need your vibrator to be. 

You can use either water based or silicone lubes with this toy, both are compatible with plastic.

The biggest pain in the butt with this cute little toy is the battery compartment.  It is located on the side of the toy, and very hard to open!  Of course, Master had no problems with it, but what else is new?  If you’re bad at opening peanut butter jars (like me) you may need some outside help.  A small price to pay though for a wonderful little treasure like this.  Especially considering it comes with the two AAA batteries it needs!  Marvelous!

Master and me really enjoy this little BonBon, and we hope you will too!  5 buzzy paws:

Thank you so much,GoodVibes, for allowing me to try out the BonBon in exchange for an honest and fair review!