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Nipple Clamp Guide

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I’ve been asked by many people how to choose a style of nipple clamp.  Since I’ve been asked this a lot, I decided to make a little tutorial about it to help some of you who are interested.  I’m going to include pictures of different styles of nipple clamps.  This is not a 100% comprehensive list, this is just a list of the types of clamps which I personally own and have tried.  I’m not including suction devices because I do not feel that they fit in with the “clamp” theme.  If you have any questions after reading my guide, please feel free to ask me in the comments section and I will do my best to help you.  Please also understand that this is just my personal opinion.  There’s always a chance that you’ll find one style of clamp to be more difficult than I’ve mentioned here.  I’m writing this up more as a guideline to help those who have little to no experience rather than to say that, without a doubt, my way is the only way.  (Because it certainly isn’t!)

Tweezer Style Clamps

I tend to think of tweezer style clamps as decoration.  This is the first place I recommend that anyone who has never experienced a clamp go.  Tweezer clamps are simple and very adjustable, making for easy on easy off.  They are non-threatening for most beginners, but unfortunately they will not fit all nipples.  I’ve owned several pairs of these and most of them fit nipples 1″ wide or less.  If you have large nipples these will not work for you.  The amount of pain these give you depends entirely upon how tight you adjust them.

As you can see in the close-up, tweezer clamps look like tweezers.  They are usually one piece of metal with a small O ring on the bottom.  You can then slide the O ring up the length of the tweezer until you reach the desired amount of tightness.  When it is time to take them off, it is easiest to hold the top part firmly (which should be firmly attached to your nipple) and slowly pull the O ring down.

Clover Clamps

Many people say that clover clamps are an advanced clamp.  I’m going to respectfully disagree with those people.  I see clover clamps as an intermediate clamp.  Definitely not for the beginner, but most assuredly not the harshest clamp out there either.  They come in many colors and styles, and are very affordable for the most part as well.  In order to get them on, you squeeze the sides of them and the top part will open up.  Most clover clamps will fit small to medium range nipples, so larger nipples beware.  These clamps actually tighten up when you pull on them, which is very fun for masochists and sadists alike.

Removing these clamps can hurt quite a bit.  In the picture above, you can see what my nipple looks like when we take the clamps off.   There’s a small waffle pattern to either side of my nipple.  (I’ll talk later about a way in which you can minimize this if you so desire.)

Clover Clamps With Chain

Clover Clamps with Chain are basically the same as regular clover clamps, with one main difference.  These clamps have a chain which connects the clamps together.  This doesn’t change a whole lot about the clamp, but the chain does add an additional weight to the experience as well as giving you or a partner something to pull on or dangle a weight from (be creative!)

Alligator Clamps

Alligator clamps are what I’d consider to be the most severe of all the clamps I’ve tried.  Some of them have jagged teeth, some of them have just flat metal.  Mine have jagged teeth.  (Similar to that of an..  Wait for it!  Alligator!)

They also come with rubber nibs on them, which are usually removable.  Mine are.  Most alligator clamps (but not all) come with a screw through the top of the clamp.  The purpose of this is to make the clamps less difficult to take.  A beginner could start with this style of clamp, but they would want to keep the screw in and loosen the screw bit by bit as they trained.

The screw is also completely removable.  Removing the screw on these clamps will undoubtedly make these much more difficult to handle.

You can also remove the rubber nibs as well as the screw, which will make these much more painful and much more difficult to wear.

Because they are so versatile, and have a tendency to be so strict when the screw is removed, I think these clamps are best left to those who plan to train slowly, or those with plenty of experience.  Another bonus to these clamps is that they tend to fit larger nipples!  Joy!

A few helpful clamp tips:

  • To help prevent the clamp from sticking to the nipple upon removal, you can lick the clamp or use a tiny bit of lube before you clamp the nipple.
  • Many nipple clamps also work very well on the labia.
  • If you are a beginner, it is important to start off slowly, and work your way up.
  • Clamps usually hurt a lot more when you are removing them than when you are putting them on.

I hope this guide helps you choose which kind of nipple clamps are right for you.  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment.  Please also keep in mind that this list is not by any means comprehensive, and also that these are my personal feelings on these clamps.