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Fancy Dancy New Shape Wear

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I wrote a few weeks ago about how my POTS would be helped by a corset or some tight compression shape wear.  Master and me went on a search for some pretty things I could wear out in public without having to resort to anything too medical, and with the help of Treasure from MDPT, we came up with something.  There’s a bit of a learning curve for me with my new girdle, but thankfully Treasure has given me and Master a lot of great ideas to help make it easier to wear day to day.  Hopefully I will eventually be able to get it on by myself!  Not now, but then we haven’t really broken it in yet.


Here’s a shot of me in it.  <3  I think it looks pretty good, and it feels comfortable once we get it on, but getting it on is the hard part!  Still, we’re going to take it slow and ease into it.  One thing about wearing a girdle is, that you obviously are going to need to wear stockings with it.  I am not exactly a “girlie girl”.  As Master says, I’m “feminine”, but I’m in no way a girlie girl and it’s definitely a struggle for me with things like this.  The stockings you see me in came free with our order, but oh my goodness, they are so fancy!DSCF2447

Before we put them on, I had to take a picture of it!  They aren’t stretchy, they are even shaped like your leg!  I mean, you can see an obvious “calf” and “foot” in the stocking!  Maybe you’re all out there buying super fancy stockings all the time (I am sure Treasure is), but I’m not!  I mean, I have never seen a stocking that looks like that in person, they all are usually made of stretchy material and are shaped like a tube.  I know I am showing you all exactly how non-girlie I can be, but this was one of those things that was shocking to me.  Also, this type of stocking just feels so different in your hands.  It is soft, yes, but not stretchy like I said.  It’s so different than anything I am used to.  (So I probably won’t buy them again.  I feel uncomfortable in really “fancy” things.)DSCF2449

The real good news is that Master thinks I look super hot in it.  <3  That makes me happy.  We did deliberately choose something that was pretty, though.  There are a lot of plainer girdles out there.  I’m sure once I get used to wearing it, this will be something I can wear when we go out and it will help me stay upright.  Though, if it makes Master so attracted to me that when I wear it, I’m horizontal, I guess I can live with that too!  =^.~=