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Sippy Cup At The Pool

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Dammit, Cube Pig! That is MY Sippy Cup. YOU Can’t Even Reach!

Last week I got sick with food poisoning.  It wasn’t severe, but it was enough to slow me down, and I had a hard time getting down any kind of food or liquid with the exception of ginger ale (the kind with real ginger in it.  You do know that normal ginger ale doesn’t do much for stomach upset.  The actual ginger is what helps you!), and ginger lemon tea.  My energy wasn’t really affected right away, it took some time for the not eating to catch up with me.

Master decided he wanted to go down to the pool, and I also thought that a nice soak in the hot tub might make my tummy feel better.  We were getting ready to go to the pool, and I wanted to bring a ginger ale.  The brand we buy comes in glass bottles though, and glass bottles are not allowed at the pool.  Without skipping a beat, I just grabbed my nearest clean sippy cup and put some ice and ginger ale in it.  I asked Master if he’d help me screw the lid on (I can never get it tight enough), we packed some extra water, and off we went.

When we got down to the pool, there was a group of people already there.  Maybe only about six or so people.  They all seemed to be early twenties.  I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to them, though one of them opened the door for us since he was right there.  We got inside the pool area and one more immediately complimented me on my ears.  I always forget that I’m even wearing them.  After he told me he liked my ears, I became immediately aware that I had brought a sippy cup to the pool.

For a couple of minutes, I panicked.  I started to wonder what I’d say if someone asked me why I had a sippy cup at my age.  I don’t normally even take it out of the house, but because of the glass rule, I hadn’t thought anything of it.  Then, I realized – you know what?  If anyone says anything about my sippy cup, they can kiss my ass.  What’s the big deal anyway?  It’s just a spill proof cup.  We had a bunch of fun, relaxed in the hot tub, and then went home.  It’s funny sometimes, how utter panick and sheer humiliation can come over me – but then in the course of a couple rationalizing minutes, they are gone.