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Rest In Peace

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I know this post is incredibly silly, but it was Master’s idea, not mine, so here it goes.

You see that brush in that picture up there?  That nasty looking brush that’s pale pink, and has clear plastic bristles? That is my brush from when I was one year old.  No kidding.  My mother bought it for me out of an Avon catalogue.

Avon, Calling!

She told me it cost her $5, which was a lot to her in those days.  Since then she had always used the brush on me, never any other brushes.  Just this pink one.  If we didn’t have it, I’d panick.  I couldn’t find another brush which worked as well for me, so this one went everywhere with me.

In fact, one time I thought I’d lost it.  When I was about 14, I left it at my best friend’s house and her grandma delivered it to me six months later when they found it under their couch.  I was nutso for those six months.

Battle Wounds!

As you can see though, this brush has just about had it.  This past year it has been losing bristles left and right, and I’ve actually gone and thrown the brush into the trash!  Goodbye little brush!  I’ll miss you!

I’ve been training up for about the last two years with a compeltely different brush.  They don’t make them like my little pink Avon brush anymore, sad to say.

So, Mr. $5 brush –

Thank you for your service!

Thank you for always unknotting my hair whenever I needed you.

Thank you for eventually fading out of that horrible bright pink.

And last of all – thank you for lasting me twenty five freaking years.  You rock.



I hope my old pink brush is brushing the hair of all those angels in the sky. <3  Rock on, pink brush, rock on.