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Girdles and Learning Curves

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fishnet stockings

I’m starting to get the hang of that new girdle Master bought me, and I’m starting to really enjoy it, too.  I can get it on (mostly) by myself with (almost) no help.  I still need help getting the stockings on, but I feel confident I’ll get there eventually, too.  One really awesome thing is that the girdle is a sort of bondage for most of my upper body.  It’s constricting and feels like a very tight hug, which is one of the reasons I love tight rope on my skin – the only difference is I can wear it anywhere I want and no one knows anything!  Ha ha!  Plus, Master has even pointed out that the compression has really been helping me to stay upright longer.  A few days ago I wore the girdle outside the house while we ran errands, and I didn’t get lightheaded the entire time.  Of course, I was also pounding water and taking salt tablets, but that’s to be expected anyway.  I’m surprised by how easily I have been adapting to wearing the girdle itself.  The first time I wore it, I was in it for a half hour – tops.  The last time I wore it, I wore it for three hours, and I could have gone longer, but there wasn’t any real point because I was home.

It’s one of those things that, so far, I have only worn because we’re going out.  It is beautiful like lingerie, but we have yet to have sex or play while I am wearing it.  I feel different when I wear it, slightly more awkward, I’d guess.  The girdle and stockings change the way I walk.  They change the way I look, and they change the way I sit.  I’m really not very feminine in my day to day life, so this is a big change for me.  Still, Master is finding it massively hot, so as time goes on, at least there is that.  And hopefully I am eventually able be a bit more lady-like and less annoyed that I can’t walk like a lumbering badger.  Hee hee.