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The weekend was one of those super busy ones.  Saturday I had my weekly infusion, which requires getting up super early.  When we were done, we had two short errands to run (we’ve been making a big effort to get things done during the week to leave the weekends more open for relaxing).  So we went home first to eat lunch, and then we went back out for our really quick errands.

Unfortunately, while we were driving the car broke down.  We got it home (but it was driving very badly!) and then Master dropped me off and carefully drove it to the shop…  Where we had $600 in repairs to do to it.  It could have been worse, but still, not a fun surprise to our Saturday.

Since Master had dropped me off I was alone with Styx (well, and Dongolor), and I noticed her cold had gotten worse.  We tried to take her to the vet a few days prior because she was mouth breathing because her nose was so stuffed.  Plus, she was coughing and just sounded awful.  She was still eating, but not her usual amount, and she was super lethargic.  I could tell from looking at her, that she needed medicine.  On the phone though they wouldn’t even make an appointment for her.  They said to call back if she was vomiting or having diarrhea.  I mean, my cat is barely eating and looks like shit.  Whatever though, we had to wait because they wouldn’t see her.  When I got dropped off at home with her though, I noticed she couldn’t open her right eye.  Game over (for me and Master) we had to wait for Master to come home with the car, but then he called and demanded a visit for her.  We didn’t want Styx to suffer.

So we finally got her in, and she’s looking awful.  She’s not grooming herself, she’s barely eating, and she sounds like she’s snoring if she tries to breathe through her nose.  Thankfully they gave us some medicine for her, and we’ve been keeping her comfortable at home by putting Pygmalion in her bunk bed and putting the humidifier on for her.  Trust me, only an extreme act of love could make me put the humidifier on for her in the heat we’ve been having.  But I don’t want her to suffer, so it is worth it.  This morning when I got up I noticed she is breathing a lot better and seems to have a bit more energy.  Plus, she’s meowing for food again, so her appetite is back!  I’m very glad we finally got her in!

Over the weekend we put a lot of time in on the old cam room, hereafter known as the “Man Cave.”  We gave our old futon away, and bought a desk at Ikea for my computer.  I still have need of the computer for blogging and YouTube vids, and Clips4Sale, etc, but there’s nowhere else to put it.  So it’s in the corner of the room now, looking pretty good.  We didn’t realize it at the time, but we moved the computer to a dead zone in the room, and we weren’t able to fix that until Tuesday night by buying and hooking up a bridge router.  At least I can type now, but I was really annoyed because I couldn’t update my blog until this morning.  Now that I’m not doing web cam stuff anymore, I should be able to update my blog more often…  I mean, you know, when technology doesn’t make that impossible.  Ha!

We’re okay.  It wasn’t the best weekend in the world, but it wasn’t the worst either.  The house kind of looks like a bomb hit it because we’re rearranging a ton of stuff and trying to get it ship shape.  The boxes are all gone (except the Xmas boxes and a few other seasonal ones in the basement) but we still are working on getting things the way we want them.  I predict it’ll be a few months yet before things are all in proper order and away.