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Daily Mew #519

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Do you like my leopard jammies?  Master got me these a couple days before the surgery because he figured I would be in bed recovering a lot.  He bought me a couple other pairs too.
My vision is really blurry today which is kind of uncomfortable and I don’t like it.   It’s making it hard to type, and I still have to hook up my IV lines.  Grr.
My nurse was supposed to call yesterday to figure out when she was coming by next but she never did.  She promised to call Tuesday and I didn’t hear a peep from her.  I’m liking her less and less, at this rate.  I do not like it when people say one thing and then do not follow through.  Or say something and then lie to you ten minutes later.  I am ::pinches fingers together:: this close to requesting a new nurse.  I dislike being treated like this.  I’m really ill right now, and I need my nurse to be reliable.  Come on now.  Do what you say you will.  That’s all I ask.
On a silly note.. You know how I was slightly disappointed in my “store bought” birthday card from my Mother-in-law from yesterday’s Daily Mew?  SHE ACTUALLY DID DRAW THAT!!  She’s just so talented that I was certain she BOUGHT it in the store!  Ha!  Then when I told her that, she thought I was just trying to boost her ego.  I wasn’t!  I just didn’t realize she was that talented of an artist!!  Lol.  I love my card even more now.  Ha ha.