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When Master and me first met and started dating, he was the one who wore the make up.  I know that is going to sound odd to most, but his gothy, gorgeous black eye shadow (done old school burned cork style), black lipstick, black nail polish, and guyliner were major turn ons to me.  They still fucking are!  I love seeing Master in his make up when he puts it on.

Over the weekend I was lamenting that a band had come through the week before that I adore, but we could not go because the move is expensive and we don’t really have any spare money until November, when the move will be done.  Master mentioned that would have been a great time for him to wear his make up, and he said he misses getting dressed up and wearing his stompy boots out to go dancing.  I have never been a club person (I would rather fuck than stand around drinking and dancing*), but I get that it is important to him and so I have gone with him many times as well as mentioned that we should find some stompy gothy clubs to go since we have moved here.  It’s not my scene at all, but I love how happy it makes Master, I love pleasing him, and more importantly, I love seeing him in his sexy make up and fishnets.

It was just a funny realization for me over the weekend, because, I also mentioned (jokingly) to Master that we do not need to be at a club if he feels like putting on his make up or getting dressed up.  I love seeing him that way, and it was funny because the exact thing I said was:

“Any time you want to put make up on and dance around stompy-like for me, I’m there!”

I had this realization.  It’s funny, but, gender-role wise, Master and me can be quite opposite (with the exception him being in charge, having the final say, and all those other “normal” things that go on in our dynamic), and we’re happy with it that way.  I mean, when I said Master was the one who wore the make up, it’s true.  I don’t even know how to apply eye liner (but he keeps telling me he will show me, and for whatever reason it keeps getting put off).  Master has done my eye liner a couple of times, and I always think I look hot with it on, but, unless Master made make up a rule in this house (and he won’t, because in his own words “I don’t want you getting addicted to wearing make up because you are beautiful without it) I honestly just could not be bothered.  I get that I could do make up tutorials on YouTube, but I just don’t give a fuck, if I’m completely honest here.  I would rather spend time living life than checking to make sure than lipstick has not smudged, or that my eye liner isn’t running.  Yes, it’s sexy, but I don’t have the right mentality to deal with all the little pain in the ass bits about it all day.  I don’t even check my hair when we’re out.  I brush it, put it up, and I go.

I’m just not your typical girly girl, in a lot of regards.  I know a lot of people see make up as a feminine trait, and I guess it can be, but I think that men who wear make up are just insanely hot.  It doesn’t need to be them wearing it special for me or anything like that (though it is cool when Master will paint his nails for me on my birthday or something), I don’t expect it of him, I just love seeing him like that, and I think of it as a treat when he gets all painted up for me. 

It’s just funny to realize though, because most men will expect their women to wear make up for them, and it’s rare for that to not happen.  As I said, I don’t expect Master to do anything (least of all dress up extra sexy for me), but you will never catch Master even hinting that I need to or could wear make up, whereas I don’t mind complimenting his style whenever it comes into conversation, even if it is a topic that comes up only rarely.



*Which I know is basically what happens at a concert, but, a concert is one or two nights in the course of a year or so as we don’t attend them much, and clubbing is once a week when Master does it as often as he wants to.