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There are so many social media websites out there, and so many people have so many different accounts. There’s Twitter, and Facebook, and Fetlife, and Google+, Tumblr, Instagram.. The list goes on. And, it seems like, the more social media sites you are on, the longer you spend wandering around on the Internet fiddling around, and not getting much done. Not to say that they don’t all have their place, but, who among us can honestly say that they don’t sometimes just get on a social media site, and stay there longer than they really should?

None of us? Right. That’s what I thought.

I don’t have a Facebook. Well, I guess that’s not accurate. I do have a Facebook, but I don’t use it at all. I literally only log in when there are contests which require you to have a Facebook account, and I absolutely do NOT add people on my Facebook account. I don’t play on it. I don’t update my status. Nothing, so, in essence – I really don’t have a Facebook account. I have friend requests on there, but I’ll never reply to either add or decline them, because I don’t use the account.

Where am I going with all this? It’s going somewhere, I promise. See, people are always asking me if I’m on Facebook. I always tell them I am not.

“Why not?!”

“How do you LIVE?!”

“What do you do with your spare time?!” No one can understand it. Of course, that’s when I pipe up with:

“I’m on Twitter.”

And that’s pretty much where shit gets real.


“You really think people care about the fact that you’re eating a sandwich?”

“But, you can’t even like anything on Twitter.”


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