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I can go outside in the daylight now! ^^

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Here is a picture of the swim suit we got me.  It is SPF 50, which means that I can now go out in the sun.  I wore this outside for about seven hours on saturday, and I only managed to burn in places it wasn’t touching: my scalp (Owe!  Hurts to brush my hair!  lol), my hands (who knew your hands could even burn?  I’ve been covering them in sunblock ever since), and my legs (ok, that one was kind of my fault.  I decided I was cold from swimming in the cold pool, and sat in the hot tub for a bit, with my knees poking through the top of the water since I never wanna submerge myself all the way in the hot tub.  Shock of all shocks, my knees and part of my thighs burned!  Stupid kitty!  Lol).  So yeah, if you’re one of those people who burns real easily (like me!) then I highly recommend an SPF swimsuit.  You can get sun blocking pants, shirts, etc.  Just google “sunblock bathing suit”.

So, Friday we were swimming around in the pool having a super time, when a couple of people who we see at the pool often told us that on Saturdays they usually do a big pot-luck BBQ out by the pool.  They invited us to join in, and we said we’d bring some corn.  The next day (which was going to be the first day that I was testing out my new bathing suit!) we showed up with about fifteen ears of corn, and some s’more fixins.  We were told there was going to be about nine people, wound up being more like thirty!  LOL!  We all had fun, splashing and hanging out.  Most of the adults were guzzling beers all day.  Personally, I didn’t.  I don’t like beer, we thought about bringing some mojitos in a pitcher, but I didn’t want to drink since Master can’t right now because of his diabetes.  I hate to make him sad.  Besides, he’s already jealous that I can eat all the salt I want and cannot eat whole grains.

Anyway while we were there, some people noticed my collar, complimented it.  Asked me which sex shop we got it at.  *Cough cough*.  I said my husband wouldn’t tell me where he got it, but he gave it to me instead of a wedding band when we got married.  Lots of people thought that was cute and told me how much they wish they had one too!  How cool is that?  I know that at least some of them understood its meaning because they asked me if I had whips and chains at home to match.  Ah, gotta love meeting new open minded people.

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the kindness and thoughtfulness of strangers.  They invited us to the BBQ mentioning that they’d be having “Chicken, ribs, burgers, hot dogs, all kinds of stuff!  You’ll love it, something for everybody!”  I never ever mention that I’m vegan to someone unless the situation really calls for it.  For example, if someone offers me meat or dairy, I’ll politely decline saying I’m vegan.  If it hasn’t been offered directly to me, I just smile and don’t mention anything.  I don’t like to start problems.  (And, problems do invariably start regardless of my mentioning I’m vegan just in passing.)  We decided to make sure to bring a couple of veggie burgers, and just not say anything, like normal.

The second they were getting ready to cook the food, people started asking me what I wanted, and I mentioned I brought some veggie burgers because I don’t eat meat or dairy.  You would not believe how kind people were!  They were practically tripping over themselves to make sure I had something to eat!  It was nuts.  People were all “Ooh, I’ll make you a spinach portobello without cheese or bacon.  Do you like mushrooms?”  And “Why didn’t you TELL US you were vegan, we could have brought you veggie burgers or something!”  I was so shocked.  I mentioned that the biggest reason I never mention it is that I never want to be a bother or put anyone out, so I just bring stuff for myself.  They all replied with exasperated “Oh you’re not a bother at ALL”, etc.  I was just shocked!  It was crazy.

The biggest thing that gets to me is that my own mother was talking to me the other day.  I called her to tell her we bought plane tickets to come visit.  The first thing she said was “Just make sure you’re prepared to cook for yourself!”  Ha ha.  Like it is that hard to throw a baked potato in the oven anyway.  It’s so crazy, my own mother refuses to have anything to do with my being vegan (because, you know, I MUST be doing this JUST to piss her off), yet complete strangers were coming up with recipes for me on the spot.  I am continually surprised and amazed at how hard people try, even when they don’t have to.  Or, in the case of family, how little they seem to try.  *shrug*.

All in all, it was a really fun weekend, and I was grateful to be able to get out of the house during the day!  Thank goodness for my new suit, and I’m glad we met some cool people too!