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Going On A Trip

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Well, just for the weekend though.  As I write this, it’s yesterday, and I didn’t sleep too well.  But, thanks to the magic of the Internet, no one cares because I have included a dark picture with tits in it. Tomorrow (today) we’re leaving the house at 5AM to get on a super early morning flight back home.  It’s true, we both resent having to go to this wedding, and that hasn’t changed at all since I first whined about having to go, almost a year ago. 

One thing that makes me a little sad, is that people seem to think we don’t like to attend weddings.  THAT is not the issue.  We love going to weddings.  Who doesn’t like a chance to dress up, and eat fancy food, and mingle with friends?  That’s the kicker though; the wedding we’re attending is not for a friend.  It’s for my brother.  Not only that, but our families are taking serious offense to the fact that we might want to do anything else while we’re there (like meet up with friends).  “You’re here for the wedding!”  Right, but we don’t need to do anything wedding related Thursday, and Friday and Saturday we don’t need to be anywhere until 5PM.  And, we’re the ones paying to fly, but it’s incredibly selfish of us to want to meet a friend for lunch even if we’re back in plenty of time for the wedding itself.

I’m also really worried about the flight itself.  A lot of people with POTS have a hard time flying.  I have never gotten sick on a flight, but I have also never had my POTS act up this badly before.  Master has done everything possible to make sure that I will be OK.  He has booked a wheelchair for both airports, he has made sure I have a salty snack to bring onto the plane, he is going to buy me Gatorade if he can find some once we get into the airport, we have compression garments set aside and ready to go.  I should be fine, but there is always that little worry.  I mean, if anything does go wrong, I will be stuck on a plane for four hours.  So, fingers crossed everything goes OK.  Though, living at altitude, I will be much better off than a person with POTS living at sea level.

Am I bitter?  I guess.  My brother and me do not even remotely get along.  I know he’s not the devil, but I hate having to fly out (when I feel like crap) and go to his wedding, and be unable to see any friends while we’re there.  Yes, we’re adults, but we’re already on a slippery slope with my family, if only because they are all (still) angry we moved here.  I won’t apologize for making a change for our family that was the best plan.  If Master did not want to move here when he got that job offer, we would not have, but we would have been a lot less happy.

But still.  We are going home, so I’m trying to make the best of it.  It will be nice to see family.  Since we’re not planning on being too busy when we go back home, I will probably update this blog here and there, though probably things won’t post up immediately at midnight.


p>The point of this post?  Yeah.  Weddings aren’t the issue.  I wish people would stop thinking Master are opposed to weddings.  We like weddings.  We just don’t want to go to this one.