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Xmas Fun

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Xmas is Master and my favorite holiday, and we finally got the house all set up and looking like a place Santa would want to come visit.  Master put the tree up, we always use a plastic one, because we’re not fans of cutting down a real tree for a month or two.  I know lots of people are, but it’s not our thing.

The Tree!

We got an extra set of lights for the tree, and it looks really cool lit up.  I couldn’t figure out how to light it for the picture though.  Master hasn’t shown me, kitties are not supposed to be too near the tree.  Not that it’ll stop Serenade.  Master says she gets a pass though because she’s so young.  I guess I understand.  Mostly.

Every year we buy a new ornament for the tree, and this year we got a red and white dotted mushroom.  It made us think of Mario.  I think it’s super cute.  It’s about midway up on the tree to the left side.  You can see it a little bit in the picture.

Xmas Cupcake

This isn’t completely related, but a few days ago Master bought me a really francy xmas cupcake.  It’s cute and Xmas themed.  I didn’t even want to eat it really, because it was so pretty.  Master told me to take a picture first.


The stockings are hung up, which is my favorite part of the decorating!  Mine is that kitty one on the left, Master’s is the penguin one on the right.  Little known fact about Master is that he collects penguins.  We have a bunch of penguin plushies all around the house.

Xmas is in a couple weeks, and we sat down to plan Xmas Eve food and Xmas dinner.  We’re excited!  We always stay up as late as we can, while tracking Santa on the NORAD Santa Tracker, and when he lands we open our presents – if I’m still awake.  I hope I manage to stay up this year, I only make it about half the time.

After all the crazy little things going on in our lives, it is good to be home, and have the house all Xmas-y.  It’s cozy and reassuring, and we both really love it.  There’s even a couple of xmas things in the dungeon!  We still have a couple of boxes to unpack, but everything is coming along really well.